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    Mad river double dread red ale clone

    Does anyone have a clone for this beer Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Need a recipe Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Wheat ipa recipe

    I want to make a wheat ipa all grain could you please help me with a recipe Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Mead fermator

    Can I fermate my mead in a mr. Keg since I'm only doing 2 gallons?? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Mead recipe

    I want make 2 gallon batch. I was thinking about putting strawberries in it for flavor. What would be a good recipe?? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Peppermint choclate stout

    Want an all grain recipe???
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    Iodioe 4

    Do you have to rinse this out after sanitize ???
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    Vinegar taste

    Just tried my beer and it taste like vinegar
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    Mold in beer

    I have been working a lot, so I left my beer in the fermentor 14 days. I took the lid off and there was a white film in the top of it. Is this mold?? It is an English bitter from coopers with 5 pounds of crystal 20.
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    I have using bleach to clean my bottles with. I use 1 cup per gallon. I have heard that you shouldn't do this. Is this a good way to clean your bottles??? I put the bleach water in the bottle shake it and dump it out, should I be doing anything else ???
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    5 liter keg

    I went to bottle my beer I used 3/4 of corn sugar for 5 gallons of beer. I filled a 5 liter keg, should I put more sugar in the keg or will it carbonate that way ???
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    Brew belt

    I left my brew belt on all day. Got home and the airlock is going crazy. Is this good or bad?? Did I ruin my beer??
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    I have been using dme, but just starting partial mashes and was wonder if I could use crystal 20 instead of dme and how much?? Crystal 20 is a lot cheaper
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    5 liter kegs carbonation

    What is the best way to carbonate?? I have used corn sugar, but the beer always goes flat. Saw a carbonation kit for one at my lhbs, it was like $70!! I'm going to the beach for spring break and don't want to take a bunch of bottles.
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    Custom bottle caps

    Does anyone know where to get bottle caps custom made with my logo on it??
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    Infected beer

    I have an infected beer. It is all bottled, is there anything I can do, except dump it down the drain??? When I brewed it, I was all done. Went to get the yeast and knock my thermometer in my beer. I panicked and stuck my arm in the beer. I added the yeast and forgot about it. When I put it in a...
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    red lager recipe

    looking for a red lage recipe
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    dme vs corn sugar

    is better to use dme or corn sugar???
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    mr beer too full

    i heard a hissing sound and i noticed foam coming out of the lid. so what should i do??? i was thinking about taking some beer out.
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    cloudy beer

    I put my beer in a carboy and its really cloudy. I was thinking about adding geltan to see if that would clear it up or should i just wait and see if it clears on it own.