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  1. Z

    Help choosing entire set up :D

    SO I have a basic beg. Set up and my buddy liked my beer so much he wants to pay for a new set up which I'll use for mass production to provide beer for his festivals, what should I use to ensure quality as well as quantity, I haven't tried kegging and am not sure what equipment goes into that
  2. Z

    Over fermenting question

    I ran into a problem... My beer is done fermenting and is ready to bottle its been ready for like a week i dont have any bottles at the moment like i thought i would (everyone drinks from cans) and I don't get paid until Monday. What are some consequences for over fermenting what does it affect...
  3. Z

    Adding yeast at the wrong temp

    So let's say It was time to add the yeast and I accidentally forgot To check the temp because I'm dumb and forgot I put a fermometer on the friggin bottle to tell the temp, I just felt the bottle and said good enough, what could happen of it was either too hot or too cold when I added it, what...
  4. Z

    San-star question

    Well I feel kinda dumb for bringing this up now after I already made my first batch buuut.... Should I have rinsed all my equipment after soaking it or it's it safe this time and just rinse it from now on, I figured rinsing it after sanitizing it could expose it to bacteria so I just soaked it...