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    Recipe ideas

    I have some inherited goodies and looking for ideas for a recipe. The following are the ingredients: 7lb Wheat LME 6LBs Extra Pale Ale LME 3.3lbs CBW Pilsen Light LME 1lbs CBW Pilsen Light DME 1oz German Perle 1oz Ahtanum 11.5g Saflager S-23 Any help would be great!!!
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    Watermelon Wine

    I would like to make a watermelon moscato. Anyone have a recipe? Thanks
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    AHS Pumpkin FG Stalled

    Looking for some advice. I brewed a 5 Gallon - AHS Pumpkin Ale (16E) Extract kit that has an OG of 1.052 and it seems to be stalled at 1.021 after 8 days in the primary. The FG is supposed to 1.013. The instruction state that after 5-7 days the gravity should within 3-4 points, i'm currently at...