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    Joe's versus Malkore's

    I made up a batch of each concurrently; my second for Joe's and first for Malkores. Both had their problems for some reason. I posted re Malkore's and gained some wisdom from Hightest; Joe's just would not clear after fruit drop so I eventually hit it with bentonite which did the job...
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    Apfelwein. What Have I Missed?

    :( At the risk of being labelled a heretic I'm amazed daily by the endless fascination with this. Sometimes it seems that in the home winemaking world nothing else rates. I do have one of Edworts best down and I'm sure I'll probably repeat it many times over. But it is only one brew of many...
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    Lactose Backsweeten

    I have several wines and meads that have reached final SG, now bulk ageing. Some are high in gravity; wondering if backsweetening would enhance their drinkability from later to sooner? Lactose looks good for avoiding bottle bomb potential - can it be added prior bottling or does it have to...
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    Racking Siphon

    Been trawling thru these pages looking for clues; ashamed to admit my question is kinda low-key compared to what you guys post. My racking cane is a cobbled together affair that's giving me the sh!ts. I've read good things about an autosiphon setup, Fermtech perhaps? Only one I've eyeballed...
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    Ugli Mead/Melomel

    Was given some uglis today - curious whether any poster has tried these in a brew. Nice flavours; maybe just modify a JAOM - leave out the spices - and go from there. Clover honey @ say 250/300 grams/litre shouldn't have alcohol overpower the fruit?
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    Loquat Melomel

    I'm due to debag a loquat dessert wine I've down, presently fermenting on the fruit only, no added sugar. 13kg fruit to 15.2 litres (4US gall) water. If I squeezed the bag into another another fermenter then added honey, would this make the basis for a melomel? Would I need to add yeast...
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    Any Clues as to Where from Here. Please?

    I made up a quince wine last April that necessitated a short boil, bagged fruit definitely not to be squeezed into resulting must. So I collected the squeezings, (made a flagon full that's 1.5 litres for the unaware), added some pectic enzyme, capped it and placed in a box out of the light...
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    Noob Meadmaker

    New to mead making; let's face it, new even to wine making - playing catch up tho and have 27 brews down since last New Year.....some are coming up trumps so I'm happy. First mead was JAOM. Took a good 3 months then behaved exactly like JM said it would. Pity of it all was didn't take another 3...
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    Pure Orange juice based yeast starter

    Have done a couple of fruit wines that called for above - starters were instant action which carried over to the musts when pitched. Haven't progressed to bottling yet so unsure of effect that end. My question is if same was done for a clover honey mead, would orange taste carry to the...
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    What is Cider, as opposed to Wine?/Quince Cider critique

    Hello, I'm new to this sport of home wine and cider making. Had been at beer brewing for many years but trying other things now after a long lay off from that. In my part of the world cider is accepted as being an alcoholic drink; always has been this way. From reading this and other forums it...