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    Muscelmen's Cider

    I intend to use Muscelmen's Cider this weekend to do my first cider and was wondering if this is right for this... the only thing other than cider is Vitamin C and citric acid would not be a problem. I also lucked into some white labs Sweet Mead yeast for cheap and I dont see people using this...
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    too much to sparge

    I use a zip-zap larder tun (explained in Carlie Papazian's book "The joy of homebrewing") of 2 5 gal buckets togeather, one with holes drilled in the bottom, i sure you get the picture. Last time i used 12 lb of grain i ended up spilling out of the back and making a hell of a mess. Today I am...
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    4th Street Nut Brown

    Tell me what all of you think. 9 lb 2-row 8 oz Munich 10 oz chocolate 1 lb cara-pils 2 oz black patent 4 oz crystal 120 L 1 oz. Willamette 60 min. Cali yeast
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    Browning's Yeast

    I coped some yeast from my local brewery today:rockin: , Their Brewmaster is cool as hell and they brew great beers, if any of you are ever in louisville check it out at Louisville Slugger Field, its the best beer in the town (and thats saying alot with 5 brew pubs in town). but besides that its...
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    Black and Tan

    We all know what a black and tan is, or Half-n-half like some people call it, But for a while now I have been drinking a beer called Mississippi Mud that is black and tan bottled. I was wondering if anybody had tried this before? I intend to make 2 batches and rack them togeather on the...
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    Starter with current wort

    I want to make a yeast started for this beer but i have no DME, Since i dont have a wort chiller it will be hours till i can add my yeast, maybe even over night, could i quickly chill some of the wort from this beer and begin a starter in it before i added it to the beer itself?
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    Quick Help with Mashing

    ok, I just racked my tripel to to the secondary and im happy with it but that isnt the point at the moment, the real question is im about to make my house ale (well what i hope will be my house ale, my first brewing of this) and im not sure if i should use step mashing or single...
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    Wild Fermentation

    This is my first All Grain brew and only my second brwing in my life so i dont know if this is normal or abnormal, I had no way of taking out the Trub so there was atleast 2 1/2 inches of sediment in the bottom of my carboy. I added one vial of Trappist Ale yeast and after 24 hours there is...
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    Yeast Culture

    ok, I've got a good idea of how this works and was wondering about some cheaper ways to obtain my yeast. Alot of the beers i buy have a bit of yeast in the bottom of the bottle, if i collected this from a few bottles... say a 12 pack of Blue Moon, and dumped it into a starter (1/4 cup DME and a...