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    Buying a car is harder than I thought.

    I'm in the market for an SUV. I just recently deposited an insurance check and I'm browsing Craig's list. I'm mainly looking for an SUV but on a whim I looked at what else was out there in my price range and I have found so many gorgeous classics it makes me want to cry. Someone needs to talk me...
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    Brett saison is tart. Normal?

    I just took a sample of my saison that I inoculated with brett. L. It was very tart. I really wasn't expecting that and it seems to have happened fairly quick. Last sample I took was about 3 weeks ago give or take. I can't place the sour flavor I'm getting. I wouldn't say it's vinegar like. Or...
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    Blobs of yeast and possible infection.

    I brewed this cream ale over a month ago. I haven't bottled it yet because I decided to start kegging. I brewed a saison with the second runnings using brett. L so I think I may have cross contaminated at some point accidentally. It tastes good though so I'm not too worried about that right now...
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    St. Jude PlayLive Fundraiser

    Hey guys, this time every year I participate in a fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Hospital. It's one of the most outstanding charity foundations that I know of. They're doing amazing things for children with cancer as well as their families. They're well on their way to actually curing...
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    Using beer that didn't turn out.

    Unless your beer got infected in a really bad way, and turned out absolutely disgusting there's always ways to use it up without dumping it and wasting the money and time put into it. I'm very much anti waste, so the thought of dumping $30-60 of beer down the drain makes me cringe. Here's...
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    Portable keg cooler advice.

    I'm trying to find the cheapest way to get my kegs cold, away from home. I really don't want to spend hundreds on a jockey box and I remember seeing someone put 3 gallon kegs into an igloo beverage cooler. I'm not sure if it was a 5 or 10 gallon cooler. My question is can I fit a 5 gallon keg...
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    Travel stories and advice.

    Have any of you ever done any long term travel? Round The World trips, or just stayed in a foreign country for an extended period? I'd like to hear your stories, and maybe some advice if you have it. I'll be traveling in a few months and I'm basically foregoing any real planned itinerary and...
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    Lag time for 3711 French Saison.

    I'm just curious what the average lag time for Wyeast 3711 is. I pitched it 24 hours ago, no starter, into a 1.033 wort. It's still showing no signs. While the other beer I pitched at the same time with US-05 is happily chugging away. The temp of the saison is 68°f right now. Should I warm it...
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    Brewing excitement, feel free to ignore xP

    I'm super excited, I haven't brewed a beer since around November. There's no point in this thread other than to exclaim to the world how excited I am to get to brew again. I'll be brewing a modified partigyle, first runnings will be a cream ale, using 2 row and in a separate bad flaked maize...
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    No boil beer

    Have any of you ever done a no boil "raw" beer? I've read a bit about it and it looks interesting. I'm going to try one soon, but I just wanted to hear some of your experiences first.
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    Minimum time to age Brett saison

    I'm going to brew a Saison for this summer when I go on a roadtrip. I would really like to make a Brett saison, which I've never brewed with brett. If I brewed it next weekend would I be able to get away with bottling it by the end of may? Or is that not enough time? I'll just brew a regular...
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    Car recommendations?

    I'm looking to buy a new to me car in probably April, I'll be taking it on a road trip from GA, up to OH and over to CA. So I'm looking for something with very comfortable seats, spacious and as many bells and whistles that I can fit into my price range. Comfort and performance are my 2 main...
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    How many volumes of c02 will this Anchor bottle hold?

    I have a 1.5 liter bottle left from the Anchor 'Our Special Ale' that I bought for Christmas, and it seems like a very sturdy bottle and the beer was highly carbonated. I'm wondering if anyone knows if it would hold champagne levels of carbonation?
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    Burnt mead?

    Ok so I found this video of a guy making burnt mead, from some recipe from the 1500's. I'm curious if anyone has ever made it and what it was like? You literally burn the honey black and then add water to it, boil it down some and then ferment. It seems really strange to me. Especially since...
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    Do we have any photojournalists here? Freelance or otherwise?

    I plan on attempting to become a freelance photojournalist this year, as a part time gig. I've had over a decade of experience in photography, and this year I plan on traveling a lot. During my travels I'll be documenting everything in a blog/vlog. I don't expect to be able to get anything...
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    Anyone ever been injured at work? How to deal?

    So I was injured last year in October, I've had 2 surgeries and lost pretty much everything I had due to it. I am on workers comp, so I have a steady flow of money coming in which I'm thankful for, but I'm at the point now where I'm being sent back to work and I'm not ready for it. As in I'm...
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    What are you eating/drinking tonight?

    Just figured we could all share what food and drink pairings we're having tonight. I'm having bacon wrapped spinach stuffed chicken with Fettuccini Alfredo with my Vanilla Rum Barrel Imperial Porter. It's a perfect pairing surprisingly, what are y'all having?
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    Super high gravity barleywine recipe advice

    I need my recipe critiqued and maybe some advice on how to carry it out. I'll definitely be aging this for probably about a year. I was thinking of getting a small oak cask to age it in. Maybe one that's already been used for wine to add a little extra flavor to it. Anyways, on to the recipe...
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    Sister's friend's house burned down

    Last night a friend of my little sister's house burned down. Her little brother didn't make it out and her mother is was transported to a hospital in Atlanta with severe burns. I don't expect anyone to donate, but if anyone is willing and able to it would be extremely appreciated. They're a...
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    Krausen in bottle?

    I just bottled my hefeweizen a couple hours ago, primed for 3.4 volumes and I just looked at a bottle and saw what looks like krausen. Is this something to be worried about?