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  1. J

    Learning how to operate my brewing fridge.....

    I got a small (7 cu ft) fridge which I am using as a fridge for cold fermentations and lagering. My first beer in this fridge is a Kolsch which has been lagering/cold crashing for almost 3 weeks now. I have tried to keep the temperature in the 30 to 40 F range and have been checking the...
  2. J

    What I did for beer today

    Mash it up with some mango and use it a secondary for a mango-PF IPA? I am extremely jealous as passionfriut is one of my favorite fruits. Up here in Canada, they are prohibitively expensive. Something like $2 per fruit, if you can even find them.
  3. J

    That Hoegaarden Flavour

    After 3 weeks of priming, I finally opened a bottle from my latest batch and it had that nice spicy Hoegaarden flavor. The only problem was that I was brewing a 5 gallon batch of Hoegaarden clone, I was making Biermuncher's Oktoberfast Ale!:oops::oops: For reference, I did a partial mash with...
  4. J

    What are you drinking now?

    Today I am in Newfoundland, Canada and found my first Kveik Pale Ale from a small craft brewer, Qidi Vidi le Brewers. It was quite pleasant with a nice mild orange and pineapple flavour. This was very refreshing after a big, heavy lunch of fish and chips deluxe - fish and chips with dressing...
  5. J

    What is "Alt" beer

    Would you be able to share the "tweaked" recipe? Looks nice
  6. J

    What is "Alt" beer

    Reminds me of my time spent in Dusseldorf, also. I haven't brewed an alt yet, but it is on my list to do this winter after I finish the Koelsch that I started today. Looks very nice.
  7. J

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewed my first Koelsch today. I am using the last packet of Lallemand Koelsch yeast from my LHBS (it is just past the best before date, but it should be OK), so if it goes well, I will be harvesting the yeast for future batches. The timing is right because my cold storage room which I used for...
  8. J

    first time biab

    Yesterday, I had a somewhat (although less extreme) experience as did Fatsputin. I did a partial mash 7.2 lbs of milled grain in a muslin bag in about 2 gallons of water at 152-153 F. After 1 hour mash, I sparged the bag in a collander with about 1 gallon of 170 F water (until the liquid was...
  9. J

    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    I am looking to brew 5 gallons of this one for the first time in the next day or two and would appreciate any comments on my grain bill. I am a little concerned about not making it too sweet - I don't want a crystal bomb, just a balanced malt forward beer. I have cut back the Crystal 50...
  10. J

    Beers made at higher fermentation temperatures

    Update on this DFH60 clone. My LHBS didn't have Kveik yeast (he said that only a couple of people have asked about it and he hasn't decided if he will stock it), so I went with S05. I was able to chill the wort down to 64 F after the boil and by keeping some frozen soda bottles next to the...
  11. J

    Most overrated beer

    When I was working in Germany, I used to attach the coasters with the marks and the food cost as my receipt for the expense account. Nobody ever questioned it, although I am sure that there were a few WTF's?
  12. J

    What are you drinking now?

    My condolences seanjwalker1! The Detroit Lions are to football, what the Toronto Maple Leafs are to hockey (I used to live in Sarnia across the river from Michigan!). I was up at 4 am yesterday morning to start a brisket and since it was too early for coffee I had a Boneshaker IPA. BTW, the...
  13. J

    Infection taking over and I'm at my wits end

    Off Topic - You haven't lived until you have had Chica da hora (Chica of the hour - so it is fresh!). I had some at a roadside stop in the back roads of the Peruvian Andes a couple of years ago. It was, how you say...interesting). I could have also had some of the roasted rodents that they had...
  14. J

    Beers made at higher fermentation temperatures

    Thanks Hotbeer, I looked at a package of S05 that I have and it says that it works from 53.6 to 77 F, ideally 59 to 71.6 F, so I guess that it is possible, but I wonder about any off flavors produced at the higher ends. The beers that I am hoping to do are either Youper's DFH 60 clone , which I...
  15. J

    Beers made at higher fermentation temperatures

    I am sure that this is probably a question that has been asked before, but I can't seem to find it, so forgive me if this repetitive. I don't have a fermentation fridge or chamber so I use a cold cellar room that is normally cool but in mid summer it has now heated up to 70-71 F. I don't want to...
  16. J

    Favorite/Worst Cheap Beer?

    Ahhh! The National Beer of Saskatchewan!! (LOL). Back in my University days, it was one of the cheaper beers in Alberta. One anecdote was that you could make a Prairie necklace by crushing the cans and placing them on a string around your neck. Does the label still have the many white rabbits...
  17. J

    Canadian Bacon

    I use a similar recipe for both back bacon and pork belly, except that I often use a wet cure and add maple syrup. After a 10 day cure, I soak the bacon for about an hour (changing the water a couple of times) to remove some of the excess saltiness. Dry it overnight in the fridge to create a...
  18. J

    What I did for beer today

    Wow, I remember doing that when we lived near Detroit many years ago, Fortunately, the area in Ontario where we are now does not see many tornado warnings. Hope that you all stayed safe.
  19. J

    Yeast for a Raspberry Wheat Beer

    Gnomebrewer, I have the option of two different rooms, both of which have steady temperatures varying by probably no more than 1 degrees F of the mean. One room is at 73 F and the other is at 67 F.
  20. J

    Yeast for a Raspberry Wheat Beer

    My first post here, so I hope that I have the right section! I am hoping to start a Raspberry Wheat beer next week and need some guidance on yeast selection. I will be using 50/50 wheat/2-row and hopping to about 20 IBU with Perle or Hallertau. I will add the raspberry puree to the secondary...