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    Best yeast for RIS?

    I used yeast bry 97 yeast, 4 packs rehydrated. I also aerated twice once at pitching yeast then aerated about 6-8 hours after pitching. I had a og of 1.1389 and got me to 1.036 about 70% efficiency. Visble yeast activity about 24hr after pitching. I mashed at 152f.
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    Warm Fermented Lager Thread

    Hi, I meant to comment on your previous post. I have a fermzilla also and to answer your questions about how much psi to keep during active fermentation is between 10-15psi. I have ran into the problem that you have. At higher psi its suppress the yeast to the bottom. Just release pressure...
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    Fermenting Under Pressure

    Is there certain lager yeast better for pressure fermentation and at what temperature is ideal under pressure. What about ale yeasts same questions above. I like to use Mexican lager white lab and have London fog ale yeast wl 066 for hoppy ales.
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    Warm Fermented Lager Thread

    Thanks for the link. Have you done anymore exbeerments for s189 at higher temperatures? I'd prefer it over 34/70. Just a little bit more malt presence to me, or my lagers recipes has gotten better with s189, or both.
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    Warm Fermented Lager Thread

    Has anyone use s-189? I'd prefer this yeast over 34/70. I feel that s-189 give a better maltier flavor to my lagers. I have done maibock,marzen, and pilsners. I have not done warm fermenting and curious about s-189.
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    C,M,G DD hops 1:1:1 with pilsner/Vienna, flaked oats, and honey malt. Tasting awesome. 1st ne ipa batch.
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    PRE ORDER SALE - Keg DRY hop filter from Nor Cal Brewing $35 SHIPPED (US only)

    Just ordered this from all the way from east coast. Looking forward to this. This can be use in the primary bucket to dry hop also? Thanks, Jay bird, you are the man.
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    White lab 590 French saison

    WL 590 on the stir plate last night. Brewing a Saison today. We will see how the yeast goes.
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    White lab 590 French saison

    Has anyone use this yeast? I picked up a vial yesterday and plan to brew this Sunday. I'm planning on making a starter and pitching around 65-68° f hold at that temperature for first 2-3 days then free rise up to 75° for rest of fermentation. I couldn't find any thread on this yeast. If anyone...
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    Vienna smash kolsch

    I have done a vienna smash with el Dorado hops and kolsch yeast. Very tasty. I would suggest pacific jade, motekua, or Pacifica. Use all three hops or smash. Pacific jade and motekua are dual hops so it's to up to you. If use all three of those hops I would pj for bittering and the other two...
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    What brewery are you visiting?

    Will be hitting a few local breweries this week, tired hand on top of the list. Pics to come
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Amber Ale version with Centennial-Simcoe-Amarillo will be next one into dry hop keg in two days. Curious about amber ale version. What makes it different? Crystal malts? Did you use the same base recipe and hopping rate, water profile, etc... do you get same hop juiciness?
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    Stupid Simple Stir Plate. ~$12

    Has anyone buy the mag craft magnet from home Depot? Free shipping to the store. They have multiple sizes and come in rods, discs,cubes, and blocks. The one I was looking at is nsn0635 2"×1/2"×1/8" block and has 12lb pull force. I was thinking of cutting in half. Am I ok with this magnet?
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    Who is Brewing Memorial Day Weekend?

    Just brewed today. Wakutu hopped German pilsner.
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    Pennsylvania Excess Hops for Sale (Amarillo, Galaxy, more)

    In Lincoln university off Rte 896, willing to take some off your hands. Let me know about other hops.
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    Swaen malts

    It's a Dutch malt company