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    PWM on Raspberry Pi

    I am building my electric control panel and i want to know if someone use pi-blaster with RPI for PWM and if yes, that's a good to control electric element and pump. Thank.
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    Fermentation historic

    Someone here use BreweryPi [“Brewery Pi”] and have some commentary about. Thank.
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    Monitor, keyboard and mouse vs control pannel

    Hi all, I have to build a control panel for my son and i ask me how do you wire your control panel between the raspberry Pi and or the Uno and the monitor, mouse and keyboard. Do you use a connector on box of the control panel similar to this...
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    Electrical Protection new control panel

    Good morning all, I am beginning to build a 50A control panel and i want to know if i can to replace the protection Control spa panel...
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    Pump 110 volt, speed control

    Hi, I bought this pump I want to control the speed with a PWM Bakatronics #FK804 or with a...