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    What to do with grape pulp?

    Most certainly can be put to good alcoholic use but topic forbidden here!
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    What's next with JAOM?

    Yer rushin' it. Bottled one after 14 months - 2ndary rack at 6 months with campden, fined at 13 months. Bloody excellent; onya Joe!
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    Schwan's Wine?

    I don't really understand what you are saying when you say bottle after two months and sweeten with wine stabilizer.... Can only suggest time will lessen tart. I have a gooseberry that was absolutely astringent right from day one. Just stripped all moisture from tongue, mouth, throat all the...
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    Schwan's Wine?

    Suggestion - try searching. I have seen posts that claim preservatives used in such products can be negated by boiling. Or heating. FWIW.
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    Using Lemon Juice with preservatives

    On another forum I've seen frequent references to boiling (for 15 minutes or so) whatever has preservative contained, cool then use. I've tried it, no problem. What puzzles me is I don't ever recall seeing the process advocated here?
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    Identical to apfelwein

    Being south of the border I can't, in my wildest dreams, equate the two....must be different ingredients or some such. Gewurz is one of my favourites. Apfel was, well, an interesting experiment. FWIW, maybe my fantasy factors are lacking.
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    can Apfelwein be bottles carb-less in wine bottles???

    No PET soft drink bottles 'round your place?
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    Who is still bulk aging their Leapyear Mead

    I've racked 4 times. Is a very clear, golden colour. Some lees have dropped yet - may or may not rack again. Presently not in a hurry; four years, right? :)
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    Fig Mead

    I'd been thinking fig wine or mead for a while, looked around the net for recipes, but most tended towards dried fruit which didn't suit me. At a farmers market over the weekend - fresh figs, extremely tasty and multiflora honey. All at the right price so bought on the spur. Conjured up a mead...
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    5 gal batch of JOAM.

    Put a 4 gall Joe's down on 14th, followed it with 2 gall Malkore's on 16th. Malkore's is going gangbusters presently, probably 'cause I used 71B - can't get the designers yeast here unfortunately, but it's looking a whole lot more promising then my last attempt.
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    Joe's versus Malkore's

    flyweed, yeah I'm sure I didn't mix those two. I know that Joe's is far from everyone's ideal. I just haven't found anything wrong with it tastewise. Along with jmulligan, your responses are enough for me to give Malkore's another shot, my taste problem I'll put down to the yeast so just have...
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    Joe's versus Malkore's

    I made up a batch of each concurrently; my second for Joe's and first for Malkores. Both had their problems for some reason. I posted re Malkore's and gained some wisdom from Hightest; Joe's just would not clear after fruit drop so I eventually hit it with bentonite which did the job...
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    Racking Siphon

    Purchased one of these along with a Sanitary Siphon from MoreBeer; the sanitary job was what I was primarily after but took one of the others for bucket transfers. Problem; the Easy-Siphon won't. Anyone out there have probs with theirs please? Using it on wine racking, liquid just recedes...
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    Possible stuck fermentation or other issue(s)

    Going back to the #2 post; I would've thought something like the addition of potassium carbonate would come to light here as a means of increasing a low pH and getting things going :confused: Reasonable or not?
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    Leap Year Mead 2

    Third rack today at 5 months. SG unchanged at 1003 so guess that's that; but the main event is drop-dead gorgeous. Vanilla and honey nose, vanilla throughout palate with honey tones at back. Great mouth feel, dry, no heat. Thinking can only get better, gunna be a long wait. ;)
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    Cracked a carboy!

    Go and stand in the corner! At 847 posts you've been around long enough and read enough on these boards to know better! (That must be why I use the other type of carboy even if they are the type no-one owns up too). :o
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    Screw Top bottles

    Re-use of screw top bottles is very viable, in any direction.
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    Reaction from Addition of Pectic Enzyme

    Other side of the coin for RuganBrau's post - I've only ever seen pectic enzyme as a powder.
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    Heather Honey

    Sounds more like a candidate for the Brew Babes gallery. :p
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    EdWort's Apfelwein and Original Gravity Q's

    I can believe different juices would result in different SGs, volume for volume. And prolly different sugar feedstock too. Made mine up close as I could get to Edwort's recipe, came in at OG 1060. Was planned as a Christmas drink but after reading others' opinions on having patience and...