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    Buffalo Wild Wings

    I thought it was kinda funny. And really it shows that bdubs is freaking out that people have realized that there is no reason to go to bdubs for football when one can thoroughly enjoy all the games at home. For far less $$ I get to control the games I see through much better food...
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    Wyeast 3724 (Saison)-How hot too hot??

    So I started a Saison on Sunday. I'd really like to get the fruity funky flavors out of this and have heard (and seen from my buddy) how this strain is notorious for sputtering out early. It has been going fine so far in my basement (~70F) It has been an absolute heatwave here (90's..heat...
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    Durability of beer vs. wort

    I know that sanitation is a big part of brewing, and I still try to adhere to fairly compulsive cleaning habits. But isn't it true that once the fermentation is over-the alcohol in the beer will fortify it against contamination? If priming sugar is added-I can see where this food source would...
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    Explain Stuck Sparge

    It's happened to me when I've used a lot of rye-rice hulls really help. The other thing that has helped is to have the mash be pretty wet to begin with and then have as much water go in as goes out.
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    Stratification in the grain bed

    I fly sparge so my mash is usually pretty much liquid. I keep an equal flow in and out. I always notice when I dump my grains how the different grains layer themselves according to relative size. Is this OK? It all goes to the same place right? Never had a problem with efficiency, just wondering...
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    Help With A Belgian Stout

    Yep, it was 1.25 lbs. of chocolate malt
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    Help With A Belgian Stout

    Sorry-there is some chocolate malt in there...don't have my notes with me, but I know I used chocolate (just not sure how much) is totally black.
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    What flavour does malted wheat contribute?

    Makes it 'fluffier'...I've never been able to distinguish a specific taste though
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    Help With A Belgian Stout

    Looks like you're doing extract, but FWIW, here is a Belgian Imperial Stout that I came up with and brewed last January. I'm drinking it now and was very happy with the results. Dark and thick, it hits you right away with that Belgian fruitiness but finishes like an IS. Good luck! 9 lbs 2 row...
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    Suggestions for 70 degree ferm temp

    I'm looking to brew on Saturday and am trying to decide what to do. We had a pretty cold winter and brewed right around 50-60 degrees. I was able to do a few lager-ish batches and some clean ales. I'm thinking it may not be quite warm enough to get into the Belgians...but was wondering if there...
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    Can I keg and store for later?

    Along these lines...I have an IPA that I want to save for the Phish shows towards the middle-end of June. Is it taboo to keg and condition in the cellar, then de-pressurize and dry hop about a week out?
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    IPA questions

    I too love IPAs, but am a little weary of Cascades. I do love Simcoes, Chinooks, Centennials, and Amarillos though. I'd start with a high AA hop as your bittering (60 min), and then have the bulk of the rest of your additions be within the last 15 minutes of the boil. This will let them really...
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    home brewing costs - is it me?

    Extract is the real stinker when it comes to cost. It helps if you buy bulk though. I got 50 lbs. of DME online for a good deal, and then by the time I'd gone through that, was ready for AG. Washing liquid yeast, or using dry helps a lot too (nothing at all wrong with dry yeast). $60+ is really...
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    What styles can you not drink?

    Not a fan of fruit additives, wits, or hefes...will drink them, but far from my 1st choice. I can do BMC is it's cold and fresh.
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    Let's talk Altbier! was wyeast 1007. It's still 'bubbly' too. When I scooted the carboy over to make room, big chunks/strands of it fell to the bottom. Kinda weird, but hopefully it's OK.
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    Let's talk Altbier!

    I brewed the Kaiser's Alt last saturday, and it yeilded a huge kreusen that has yet to totally fall...not sure if it's all the Munich or what. I also had a few problems with the mash temp (trying to step mash)...bulk of the time it was in the low 140s. Not sure if that could have something to do...
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    Sparge SLOWLY!

    This is my setup and I have never had problems with efficiency
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    OG 1.030 instead of 1.060, is this why?

    I'd suggest stirring during the mash a few times, and also taking your time while sparging. I like to have the sparge take at least an hour. I fly sparge and try to keep it to a trickle-not a stream-for at least the initial stages of the sparge. Once the wort is running fairly clear-I open it up...
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    How often do you brew?

    Depends. SWMBO and I play competitive disc golf, so in the warmer months, the weekends are pretty busy. But I was able to do a 5 gallon batch the last 2 weeks in a row (I know I won't be able to for another 3 weeks at the very least). In general, I probably average ever other week. Kegging has...
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    my wife hates beer...any ideas???

    My wife claims to like beer-and she likes some lighter ales, sweet lagers, and BMC...but she is far from a beer enthusiast. I've made beers with her in mind, but she still rarely drinks them--'empty calories' blah, blah, blah. I really think that she just doesn't want to give me the...