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    Missouri Bowie Bottler.

    Complete Bowie Bottler setup for sale. Includes tubing and stopper as pictured. 30.00 shipped within USA.
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    Missouri 4 tap keezer and brewery closeout

    Here is a link to my craigslist add..please text or email. Thanks! I am moving onto another hobby and need to sell my 4 tap kegerator and all of my home brewing equipment. The kegerator is built out of a new GE 7.0 chest freezer from...
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    How hot can you dry hop your beer? From what I hear the warmer the beer during dry hop the more oils released. So how warm can it be before the beer suffers?
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    Where to get Citra? Trade?

    I just listened to the Can You Brew It episode for Kerns Citra IIPA. Now I think I need to brew this but don't have any Citra. Where can I get some? I have up for trade some Amirillo and Nelson pellets. This happens almost every time I listen to a show.
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    Question about dry hopping in keg.

    Is there a good way to dry hop in a keg with pellets? I have hop sacks but think they will allow the smaller pieces of the pellets out. Any suggestions?
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    ipa help?

    I have one pound of Centennial pellets that I am wanting to use up without wasting, below is what I have in mind. The yeast will be wyeast1450. For hops on hand I have cascade, amirillo, delta,nelson and magnum. I was thinking the all centennial would be Two hearted like. Any suggestions to...
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    denny's fav

    I have a pack of 1450 and am wanting to make an Ipa or pale ale. Hops on hand are Simcoe 3 oz.,cascade 1 lbs.,amirillo 1 lbs., centennial 1 lbs and almost a pound of nelson. Green flash clone would use all the Simcoe. Two hearted clone looks nice and simple. Any suggestions?
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    RO setup

    What is your opinion on the best RO setup for home use? Where and what to purchase? Thanks!
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    How often to have water analyzed?

    Will a water source change over time or with the seasons enough to have water sampled multiple times? If so how often?
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    What to make with Octoberfest yeast?

    I an currently fermenting an Octoberfest with wlp 820. What should I make with all the yeast I am going to have in a few weeks?
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    5L Flask

    I finally got around to making a stir plate which is a very cheap and easy project. Now I am trying to find a 5L Flask....any suggestions for where to purchace one?
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    How to empty a keg?

    I put an add on craigslist looking for kegs and got a response from a lady with a 15-20 year old keg of Miller. I would like to be able to show up at her place and just pick up an empty keg. What would be the easiest way to have her empty the keg?
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    How long to pitch before disaster?

    With the average middle of the road sanitation, how long can wort go before pitching yeast? Is there a rule of thumb that for example "after 12 hours chances for infection go up dramatically"...What do the experts here have to say?
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    bulk grain

    What is the cheapest way to get bulk grain in northeast Missouri?
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    Roasted Barley verses Carafa III

    When talking about roasted flavor, how much Carafa III does it take to equal 1 oz. of Roasted Barley? Any educated guesses on a ratio? Will the carafa ever give a roasty flavor? Thanks.
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    When I cold crashed my rye beer my blow off tube sucked in about 1 to 1.5 pints of starsan and is now very cloudy. Is this what they call chill haze?:) What can I expect for flavor changes? I looked in Beersmith and could not find starsan. Thanks
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    Cream ale with Lime

    I have plans of making a cream ale with lime zest added at flame out and in primary like a dry hop. The thought of adding lime jello to clear and add some flavor keeps popping into my head. I can't decide if the jello is a brilliant idea or a disaster waiting to happen. Can you folks talk me...
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    WTB: Grain Mill

    Looking for a grain mill. Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    Please review my leftovers apa

    Here is what I have left over from a couple different kits. What would you do different? Ingredients: ------------ Amount Item Type % or IBU 9 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 58.06 % 4 lbs...
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    10 Free ball lock cornies

    I came across 10 free cornies. I would like to have a 4 tap setup in a chest type freezer. What all do I need? I like to buy good stuff once verses junk 10 times. Does anyone have a parts list or reccomend a retailer? Thanks:mug: