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    Am I out of CO2?

    Thanks guys...gauge is broken and I'm getting a refill. Seems like a no brainer to check it. Valves and such....HA! Kinda mad at myself for not even trying that first (facepalm).:D
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    Am I out of CO2?

    Thanks Daryk77! I did not know that either. I will do that first, as it is a bit of travel to refill it.
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    Am I out of CO2?

    I think I am even though my gauge says I am half full. When I set the pressure to 25 psi (force carbing) and turn on the valve, it only goes up to 10 psi and I no longer hear any gas flowing. I think my gauge is broken. I shut it all down and reset everything, and I cannot even get it to set...
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    Most hotly debated techniques?

    Just one beer, or have another. My sig tells it all....
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    Mixing beers = pleasant results. Anyone else?

    I'm just getting home with a six pack of IPA that is warm (Trader beer cooler). I bought it to try for tomorrow night (Friday), and got to thinking: "Damn...I want to have one now, but do not want to wait for 30 mins in the freezer", so I see that I have some 24 oz cans of Bud Light...
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    Conical question

    I am thinking of getting a stainless conical, and was wondering if something would work. If I use a 12 gallon fermenter and only put 5 gallons in it, is it okay? Also....the same question but with a different scenario: I currently brew 5 gallon batches, but have a 15 gal kettle. I was...
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    44 Awesome Pictures

    I told myself......... I wasn't going to cry:drunk:
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    Pushing My Luck?

    I use iodophor, so I might be a bit off here, but I clean and store them and just use a solution of iodophor and water to swish around everything about 10 - 15 minutes before I put any post boil beer into it. I rub the solution all over the counter top and anything that can even possibly touch...
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    Brew In A Bag (BIAB) Equipment Summary

    Just checking....Do you put your wort into the cube, let cool and pitch later? How long is it to cool to pitching temp? Thanks!
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    How long to brew a winner beer?

    I guess I've had to prove my good ones by doing them about 4 times and seeing if they are the same. Now I've got two recipes after about 3 years of semi regular brewing that I feel I've got nailed down. There were some one-offs early on that were good, but I focused on my standby recipes and...
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    I got them from my local is Homebrew Heaven in Everett. They have a website: and are great folks to deal with.
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    Pump has sold. Thanks
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    Waiting to hear from Humann. Longarm, where are you at up here? Are interested in just the pump, or all of it? Roger
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    only the pump, stands and coolers for sale:D
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    Jon = 1st dibs Human = 2nd sending quote and pic to your mail Jon. Will post pic of other stuff soon....:rockin:
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    Everett, WA area stuff

    Selling my March 809 pump...from More Beer. Used once with water to test it...never used after that. Has 110v plug and brass outlets with hoses. 75.00 plus shipping (shipping is 10.70 for priority box rate). And if in the area I have a 10 g igloo mash tun with CPVC manifold, a CPVC sparge...
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    Is it ok that I don't really feel like going all grain?

    I still do extract after going every other batch. I don't have time to do AG all the time, and my extract beers have been perfected (uses term loosely:)). I have about 4 to 4.5 hrs for an AG compared to about 2 to 2.5 hrs for an extract for the complete session with cleanup, etc. In...
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    Beer in the morning?

    Beer in moderation is good for breakfast I believe. I drink one or two in the morning on weekends sometimes. It is fortified with all those B vitamins and all:o Check this out...funny:
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    Going on Vacation. cant find brewery :(

    This one?:p I love this place! Hope you enjoy your vacation!!!
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    Going on Vacation. cant find brewery :(

    Leavenworth does have one of the best beer gardens in the whole damn state!:rockin: Been trying to talk SWMBO into moving the clan over there to start one luck thus far. A town like Leavenworth should always have a brewey or two. It seems unnatural JMHO.