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  1. aopisa

    Sunday Morning

    It's already dropped 6 degrees in the last hour. It's now 3 degrees with a windchill of -18. I have lost track of how much snow has fallen in the last 3-4 days. They predict an inch or two and we got a consistent 6-8 inches each day. The paths I have been shoveling for the dogs now tower over...
  2. aopisa

    I need to name my son.. any suggestions?

    Elephants Gerald
  3. aopisa

    Bottling Day Fiasco

    When I first started brewing I splurged and went for an all brass filler and a bench capper. Many years of service with never an issue.
  4. aopisa


    Less than an inch predicted yesterday....8 inches later and it's 5 degrees with a -8 wind chill. Had to go locate the buried mailbox this morning. I have kept up with shoveling a network of paths for the dogs which they can no longer see over the tops. I have now resigned myself to endless...
  5. aopisa

    Low FG and already very long time spent on it.

    I often get down to 1.010, but I think you are going to be just fine at 1.013. As exacting as we would like to be, there are so many variables in homebrewing that not everything comes out the way we predict. I brewed a porter yesterday and was expecting an OG of about 1.060. My percentage of...
  6. aopisa

    Low FG and already very long time spent on it.

    Sounds like 1.013 is a pretty good FG. What was your OG? I would go ahead and bottle if you are still at that number.
  7. aopisa

    Brewing Notebooks -- Style? Techinique? Content?

    I use various softwares to tweak and scale recipes, but write everything I do down in a composition notebook even if I followed the recipe to a T. Plus, I leave several pages for follow up notes like fermentation activity, FG, carbonation and bottling, etc. and taste impressions.
  8. aopisa

    Possible to do 3Gal BIAB in a 4Gal pot?

    I live in the middle of nowhere too. Amazon is your friend. With free 2 day prime shipping I can usually have it quicker with no gasoline cost than venturing out to the nearest big town (relatively speaking) searching for the limited choices offered there.
  9. aopisa

    Budweiser Admits Craft Beer is for Real

    I am now waiting for McDonalds to air a commercial mocking those who want to enjoy a good steak dinner.
  10. aopisa

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2015?

    3336 + 2 Coal Porter ____ 3338
  11. aopisa

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    It's my birthday. So, I am going to take it easy and brew a 2 gallon batch of Coal Porter using some 100% Maris Otter extract I just received from NB.
  12. aopisa

    Extract Suppliers

    Or you could use DME which has a longer shelf life.
  13. aopisa

    Tips on maintaining fermentation temps

    Is your apartment 62 F or the fermenting beer? What yeast are you using? Beer will ferment at several degrees warmer than the ambient air temperature. My house is generally in the low 60's, but my fermentation temps are usually in the mid to upper 60's. Keeping your fermenter off the floor will...
  14. aopisa

    Mark Knopfler

    Another interest of mine is vintage audio equipment. I hang out on the AudioKarma forum where Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits is a favorite there not just for the outstanding music, but also for the excellent quality that goes into the recording, engineering and mastering. If you are into...
  15. aopisa

    Bottle Conditioning, keeping em warm!

    I brew 2 gallon batches. My house is cold. Maybe 64 during the day and high 50's at night. I have my bottles in a tub of water with a small submersible aquarium heater. I put a small amount of bleach in the water to keep it from getting funky. It generally keeps the bottles around 68-70. Now...
  16. aopisa

    Show Us Your Label

    For an upcoming Saison brew to be enjoyed this summer. Maxfield Parrish lived and worked in Vermont and I can often see his exact inspiration for his summer skies here.
  17. aopisa

    Returnable bottles leave beer drinkers cold

    Better than starting a new one. Like I said, I have been out of brewing for 20 years. So, a four year old thread is nothing in the scheme of things. :)
  18. aopisa

    Returnable bottles leave beer drinkers cold

    I have started brewing again after about a 20 year hiatus. Yesterday I bottled an Amber Ale using some of the 4 cases of old returnable heavy glass "bar bottles" that I kept from the old days. I decided I should pick up some more of these bottles. Then I realized that I had not seen any...
  19. aopisa

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2015?

    +2 American Amber Ale 144
  20. aopisa

    A little help please

    I also think that you should have a book or good website to help you develop good sanitation, brewing and fermenting processes. Sometimes the kit directions are not the best.