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    Second batch - Cream Ale

    Thanks guys. Did a gravity reading yesterday and it is moving along fine. There was actually about an inch of foam today. I think it was a case of me either shocking the yeast or this beer just taking longer.
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    Second batch - Cream Ale

    Hi guys, I'm on my second home brew batch after a very successful first batch with the Festa Brew Pilsner (came out amazing!). I started a Festa Cream Ale in the primary on April 4th, and it did nothing for a few days. And I mean nothing. I was worried about an infection, and I think I may...
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    Orange up a Wheat

    Hi Guys, I'm new here. Just bottled my first brew, the Continental Pilsner from Festa Brew. I'm sticking with the Festa for a few more brews until I get a handle on everything (so much to learn! :) ) For my next one, I wanted to take the Festa Brew Wheat pre-made wort and add some orange...