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  1. fishnfever

    Massachusetts Big Mouth Bubbler 6.5 gal

    You are looking at a 6.5gallon plastic fermentor with carry strap, air lock and extra top. Used it once then changed over to smaller batches with a glass carboy. $40.00 firm for everything No Longer for sale. :mug:
  2. fishnfever

    Date code on safale us-05

    Hello gang, its been along time since I brewed a batch of ale. Getting back into it doing 3 gallon biab. I was wondering if any one could tell me how to read the date code on safale us-05? I know it has a date when to use it by but how do I tell when it was packaged. I wanted to use Mrmalty...
  3. fishnfever

    Massachusetts polar wave homebrew kettle

    looking to sell my polar wave 15 gallon stainless steel brew kettle. Comes with a stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel pick up tube, stainless steel false bottom (modified to fit around thermometer fitting), thermometer, sight glass (calibrated to 10 gallons) and a stainless steel lid...
  4. fishnfever

    Massachusetts 10 gallon megapot for sale (ebay)

    I'm selling my 10 gallon megapot on ebay.
  5. fishnfever

    Brew Your own subscription 1/2 price

    They are charging more fore the + digital. That's how my card came. Worked out well as I was going to get the digital to read on my tablet.
  6. fishnfever

    Brew Your own subscription 1/2 price

    Received payment!!! ****SOLD****
  7. fishnfever

    Brew Your own subscription 1/2 price

    Just got my renewal card for two for one. This is for the Print and digital subscription. I will need your email that you want your digital copy to go to. Cost is $16.50 for one year.. I have pay-pal ready :) First come first serve!! First pm and payment gets it..
  8. fishnfever

    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

    count me in!!!!
  9. fishnfever

    Help with extract amounts

    No big deal!! It's all good now.
  10. fishnfever

    Help with extract amounts

    Thanks all!! I put google to work and found a couple of ways of doing the conversions that made since to me lol. Captain Damage, Thanks for the break down and I didn't even think of BeerSmith. Thanks again to all for the help for pointing me in the right direction of understanding this:mug:
  11. fishnfever

    Help with extract amounts

    Thanks for the replies. I was thinking of not worrying about the small amount difference but on the same hand I would like to know for future brews. mattlsull, So are you saying 1 pound of DME = 1.25 pounds of LME? If so why would I add more? The way I'm reading your conversion it seams...
  12. fishnfever

    Help with extract amounts

    I have been looking at recipes that call for 7 pounds 0.4 ounces of pale liquid extract. My questions is this, Can I use 7 pounds of pale liquid extract and then just dme extract for the final 0.4 ounces? Thanks in advance!!
  13. fishnfever

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    Count me in!!!!!
  14. fishnfever

    Locking of Keezer taps

    I have these and have been worth every penny in my opinion. Trouble free for 3 years and keeps the kids and some big kids from helping them selves during cook outs and large family gatherings. My kegorater is out in the garge and when we have cook outs they are in the back yard so it is hard to...
  15. fishnfever

    Please help with this IPA recipe

    I wanted to give an update. Every thing worked out perfect doing what you said wildwest450!!!!
  16. fishnfever

    Please help with this IPA recipe

    Thanks. I was playing beer smith 2 and did see what your talking about. Had to head out for the family holiday dinner but will try and play with it more later. Thanks again for the help.
  17. fishnfever

    Please help with this IPA recipe

    ok But in my fermenter will be gallons. I'm sorry I am asking all these questions but I really want to be able to bring up my brewing skills in 2012
  18. fishnfever

    Please help with this IPA recipe

    That would be awesome!!! In my fermenter would be 5 gallon. In the future how would I use beer smith to do this? I have beer smith as well.