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    Reducing Haze in Beer Aged on Pumpkin

    Im planning on briefly aging an already carbonated and ready to serve ESB with pieces of roasted pumpkin in a bung sided keg for one to two weeks. Ill use a hop bag to keep larger particles from being transferred once its re-racked to 1/6 BBLS, but im concerned about smaller particles and haze...
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    Effects of Acidulated Malt on Yeast Vitality

    I am anticipating using Acidulated Malt for 5-8% of a grain bill for flavoring purposes and am curious how this might affect yeast vitality and flavor profile for future brews. I am planning on using a lab culture of Wyeast 3726 for a brew containing 5-8% of Acidulated Malt; I intend to...
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    Stalled fermentation.. to repitch or nay?

    Somewhat of a Double Brown/ Milk Stout OG: 1.090 Gravity as is: 1.029 with 4.5 Points of Lactose... so if im correct: Fermentable OG: 1.0855 Fermentable Gravity as is: 1.0245 Attenuation as is: 71% out of 73%-77% range for Wyeast 1028 Its not too far off, but I believe I racked...
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    Can't get good late hopping/dry hopping results

    I've had a lot of trouble getting good late hopping and dry hopping results... No matter what I do I can't seem to get a good hop aroma. Ive recently brewed two beers that I would think should be very aroma forward but lack very much thereof: ISA: 10 gal, 5.5%, mostly 2-row and wheat. after...
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    Bines falling/rotting off?

    2nd year plants, and I have noticed that there seems to be a problem with the bines falling off near their branches, possibly rotting off. The rest of the bine itself appears to be in ok condition until after it falls off. Even the main bine (approx 8 ft) on one of my plants succumbed to...
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    Capturing/Propagating Cultures?

    Im new to cheesemaking, just made a fresh acid coagulated goat cheese (goat milk+heat+vinegar) Very disappointed to say the least (had visions of creamy tangy Chevre). Now ive done some research, and it looks like I need to move on to using lactic bacteria cultures and rennet to get the...
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    Blackberry Belgian Triple

    Im going to brew a blackberry belgian tripel and could use some input/tips. For one, I have never brewed a belgian let alone a tripel so any tips on that are welcome. Ive also never brewed a fruit beer. Ive got 20+ lbs of blackberries in the freezer. I would like it to have a fairly distinct...
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    Microbrewery vs Craft Brewery

    Is there an significant difference in the meaning of these terms? I am going to apply at some local brewery's and I don't want to get anything confused on my resume/letter;)
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    LME in freezer for 1.5+ years?

    Put liquid malt extract in freezer 1.5+ years ago. In a plastic bucket. Still good to use for brew you think? non-hopped
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    Worst brew day yet...

    Second all grain and made a 10 gallon batch of Bison Brewing Honey Basil Ale. All went pretty well until I filled the fermentors. (although I forgot to put my wort chiller in for the last 15 min to sanitize) I could not find any stainless scour pads to put on the dip tube in my keggle (WTF...
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    Bison Brewing Company Honey Basil Ale Clone

    Clone recipe from Jul/Aug 2011 issue of Brew Your Own Magazine Honey Basil Ale is based on a light amber ale grain bill. Cascade hops are used to offset the residual sweetness, and a dense, white, creamy head tops this beautiful golden, amber ale. The malty nose exhibits hints of basil with...
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    Long Term Storage Of Fruit Soda's

    Never made a soda before, but ive got about 20 lbs of blackberries and am considering boiling to syrup, adding sugar + water, kegging, force carbing, then transferring to bottles for storage. It would be nice if these bottles would keep for at least a whole year, preferably without...
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    Butane Hops Extraction

    Has anyone ever tried a butane hops extraction? I know that there is a fairly simple, cheap, yet dangerous process that people use for extracting hash oils from cannabis (not that I would ever do that...) I also just learned that hops and cannabis are very closely related plants. From...
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    1st all grain. Efficiency on low side. Words of Wisdom?

    Did my first all grain today as follows. The eff. was low got any advice? Batch: 10 gal Target OG: 1.060 Actual OG: 1.055 Grain: 100% Gambrinus Pils 20lb Lab Eff: 82% or 37.7 ppg Typical Eff @ (85%): 32ppg (85% from Palmer) Actual Eff: 26ppg or 81% of typ, or 69% Lab. (Also calcd 69%...
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    Got wrong DME. Could it be good anyways?

    So I originally put together a recipe for a Citra Pale Ale, but bought 7 lbs of Amber DME by mistake. Think it could be put together to make something good anyways? I did pick up an extra 2 oz of Citra (total of 6) so perhaps it could be a sort of Amber IPA? Original Recipe: 6 gal 7 Lb...
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    Homemade Pepperoncini

    I picked up a large bag of brightly colored small sweet peppers at Costco the other day and while they were pretty good substituted in-place of regular bell peppers it occurred to me that they would probably make very tasty and aesthetically pleasing pickled peppers like banana peppers or...
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    Yeast Shock?

    I tried searching the forum and different sites but couldn't find a good answer. Is there really any benefit in letting washed yeast warm up to room temp before pitching to a starter? The only downside I could imagine is a temperature shock that kills most of the yeast. I know bakers...
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    Starter Volcano (a word of discovery and warning)

    Not sure if someone has had this same experience or posted it so apologies if so. So I was boiling my yeast starter wort in a erlenmeyer flask directly on my stove and realized it was boiling very rough (less bubbles, more explosive and popping than normal) I realized this was due to a lack...
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    How Many BTU?

    Ok I searched the threads for a while and could not find a solid answer. I want to make 5-15 gal. batches and I will use it to deep fry turkeys and smaller creatures. What is a good range of BTU's to shoot for for so that it is not overkill, but heats quick? Thanks:confused:
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    So I made a batch using 3.3 lbs (one can) of Muntons "Wheat" Malt Extract, one pound of Breiss Bavarian Weizen Dry Malt Extract, and one ounce of hops. All in 6 gal of water. It is turning out to be a fairly dark colored beer compared with any Hefes I have ever drank. Wondering ho to get my beer...