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    Looking for all grain recipe with calypso & citra

    +2 I just did an all-calypso rye session beer...bittered with calypso, finished with calypso, dry-hopped with calypso. It's just not all that tasty. Sort of funky. It tastes like an infected beer..sort of phenolic/plasticy but without the band-aid burps that usually follow. (It was a healthy...
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    Varying OG Readings from a Refractometer

    That makes sense...I'm just surprised by the amount it differed. Clearly you're right, though. (Also, did calculations for a 5gal batch, not 5.5, which is why I missed by gravity so badly.)
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    Varying OG Readings from a Refractometer

    Hey folks, Just brewed up an AG batch and had a weird experience. At the end of the boil I grabbed a little sample for an OG test with the itty-bitty turkey baster/pipette thing that came with my refractometer. I set the sample aside for a while until the wort was cool and on its way into the...
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    First brew ruined?

    That's the goddamn spirit!!!
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    Why no carbonation in some of the bottles?

    Me too. Give it a gentle stir and all will be well in future batches. :mug: On the batches that you have that are careful. Some will be overcarbed just like others are undercarbed.
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    Do these instructions sound odd?...Primary fermentation

    I'm really not trying to be a dick, but my first thought is: Find a better kit next time around. Stick to Northern Brewer, or Midwest Supplies, or Austin Homebrew. There're probably other reputable suppliers out there that I'm leaving out...morebeer. Anyway, between this ale/lager confusion and...
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    Do these instructions sound odd?...Primary fermentation're doing a LAGER? on your second brew?? How are you controlling the temperature?
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    First brew ruined?

    Wait wait wait. How long did it ferment for? Did you allow it to settle and condition for a week or more after fermentation had stopped? In general, you need to not fiddle with beer so much. Just pitch the yeast (at a lower temp) don't even look at it for 2 weeks, then maybe you can...
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    Whirlfloc - what a difference!

    With gelatin and whirlfloc (or both) are you guys having carbonation problems? Or are you kegging so it's moot for you?
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    Could this be my first infection

    You have a serious yeast infection on your hands.
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    5 gallons down the...

    I'm sure milk crates work fine and dandy, but I'm a huge fan of my "brew hauler" It's one of those "why hell didn't I get this sooner" types of things.
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    Mashing for longer periods of time

    I wish I could remember where I heard this, but I assume it was the BrewStrong podcast on mashing. They said that conversion happens darn near instantaneously, and the extra time is just to make sure that all of the stragglers get converted too. So...if it's "essentially done" well before 60...
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    Wine Yeast for Beer?

    It was awful. But, I think that's more the fault of the yeast strain than wine yeast in general. There's something really unappealing about Montrachet yeast when it's young...and even when it's matured a bit. It has this gnarly plasticy band-aidy character to it. I've noticed it in two straight...
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    Great Little Immersible Thermometer

    I'm becoming more disturbed by these posts. I decided to try to "calibrate" this little guy. So, I put both this and my standard Polder probe kitchen thermometer in boiling water. While the Taylor took a touch longer to get to the proper temp, it rested at 212.2, while the Polder waffled...
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    Never Again: Uneven Carbonation

    You have to mix up the sugar in the bottling bucket gently with a sterilized spoon or something, otherwise it can sink to the bottom and be uneven.
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    Fresh Corn in the Mash or Boil?

    I know this thread is a year old, but it's sweet corn season again. Does anyone have anything to report on making a sweet corn beer? How much corn did you add? Was it basically neutral, or did it add any character? Any recipes you'd like to share??
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    Great Little Immersible Thermometer

    Most inexpensive thermometers have that exact accuracy: And so do many that are much more expensive:
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    Great Little Immersible Thermometer

    As to temp...+/-1.8F is pretty poopy...but I haven't had any issues. It said my boil was about 212.7-213, which is about what my wort boils have always clocked in at. As far as mashing goes, we only have the allusion of control. The depth you're taking the temp at can make a 1-2*F difference...
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    Great Little Immersible Thermometer

    I worry about that every time. I just make sure not to tighten it down too much and hope for the best. :T