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    Oregon 1/2 bbl electric setup, kegging, bottling gear

    20-gal kettles, 5500w 240v control panel on a rolling stand, Chugger pumps, 2 chest freezers, 5 ball-lock Corney kegs, 5-lb and 20-lb CO2 tanks, about 230 clean and de-labeled Deschutes Brewery bottles (mostly classic ones with hop flower embossing around the shoulder), false bottoms, silicone...
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    Single-Hop Grain Bill

    EDIT: My apologies, there are plenty of threads about this already, I don't want to clutter things up. Ignore this, I'll read on my own. :) I'm going to spend some time brewing 1-gallon batches of single-hop beers as well as doing some side-by-side experiments, and I want a simple grain bill...
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    How Much Yeast In Starter Supernatant

    Does anybody have a lead on any literature regarding how much yeast is left in suspension after cold crashing a yeast starter? It's always bugged me especially when trying to design a step-starter where I really need to decant between steps. I want to have a reliable calculation when I need...
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    Adding 2nd Breaker to Spa Panel

    I have a 240v circuit on a 30a breaker at the main panel, dedicated feed to the A/C unit. I'd like to use this run for my brewery (240v 30a standard setup with a control panel). Obviously I need to add a GFCI to it, but I'm not sure if I want to leave the A/C available or not - wife might want...
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    Camlock Fittings

    Edit: Got my fittings so I'm all set. Disregard the following. I need camlocks for my rig! Looking for 1/2" stainless, a mix of A and F style plus a few high-flow female barbs. Also silicone tubing. Any good Labor Day sales from vendors would work too! I'd rather support our vendors here if...
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    Oregon 3-Vessel Electric Setup

    Since I'm rebuilding my brewery, I'm selling off the old gear. Not totally complete, but enough to get somebody off the ground with a 3-vessel system. $300 if you mention that you saw it on HBT. :) 15 gallon aluminum HLT with 50' aluminum HERMS coil. Could be used as a BK as well. 15.5 gallon...
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    My (Re)Build Thread - Kal Clone-ish

    In the beginning, there was propane. Then I added an element and an SSR-V controller to my kettle. Some time later came the electric keggle, pump, and a lot of valves. Finally, the time has come to rebuild my brewery. I'm moving into a new house so I'm going basically from the ground up. I've...
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    Looks like Pioneer Breaker is still cheating us

    I wish I'd seen the threads about Pioneer Breaker (eBay name electrical_parts) before I placed an order with them. I ordered three contactors that were clearly advertised as 120v coils, but they appear to have sent me 24v coils. The sticker on the contactors that lists the specs has the "24v"...
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    Displaying Potentiometer (PWM) Values

    Hey all, I'm starting my control panel build and I'm incorporating an analog potentiometer-based PWM (LED dimmer from eBay with some mods to slow the pulse rate to about 1Hz) for the boil kettle. I'd like to add some sort of display to show the potentiometer position. I was thinking of using...
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    Mash Salts vs. Kettle Salts

    Up until now I've been adding my entire salt addition (calculated with the EZ Water spreadsheet - basically just gypsum, epsom, and CaCl2) to my kettle as I'm heating my strike water. I see a lot left in the bottom because they are not very soluble, but I have done a little swirl and scoop and...
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    Bottling After Pressurized Fermentation

    Hi all, I've recently started fermenting in a Sanke keg with a spunding valve. I love the technique, it's a great little twist to the process. I get bored easily. Anyway, normally I keg, and I've got my counter-pressure transfer system fairly dialed, but I'm now in a position where I need to...
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    2.6 Gallon Jar - $19.99

    Found this at World Market today. No spigot, but still a great size for continuous brewing I think. Plus, I make beer; I know how to rack from a vessel without a tap. They also have some slightly smaller (2 gallon, maybe?) biscuit jars for $14.99. I treated myself. :) Sent from my EVO using...
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    What Do I Do With This?

    Hi all, I just transferred most of my first batch to bottles, but before I finish the 2L batch out I want to plan ahead for what to do with this SCOBY (attached image). I got it from a friend and it's grown a bit on the top, it seems, but it's pretty large even for my 2L flask. I'm going to...
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    Pressurized Fermentation - How To Control Pressure?

    I have a sanke keg I'm going to start using for fermentation, and I decided I'd like to try pressurized fermentation because it sounds like an added challenge. :) If I want to keep my fermenter between 10-15psi, how would I rig that? I was going to start off with insanim8r's conversion but now...
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    Difference Between Fermentation and Ambient Temps?

    Hi all! I'm active in the beer forums but I'm doing my first KT today. Using a SCOBY from a friend and doing a 2L batch. I know that it's not uncommon for fermenting beer to rise up to 10F above ambient temp, but that's also a lot of yeast activity. Is kombucha similar? Since I can't keep a...
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    Converting 60-Min to FWH + Subbing High AA

    I keep reading all the threads on these individual subjects but I'm still trying to decide what the general recommendation might be in my case, so here goes. . . . Whenever I see a recipe like EdWort's Haus PA (which I'm brewing tomorrow), I wonder if it would be better to substitute some...
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    I Made A Big Hop Strainer

    I've never really liked hop bags, but I want a way to get the hops out before I drain my kettle after a brew (and hopefully let those hops drain a bit of sweetness at the end). Following on the heels of my 50' aluminum immersion chiller, I decided to make a nesting setup that would still clear...
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    Wet Grains Before Dough-In?

    I was just thinking about my upcoming brew day (today) and I had a thought. As a way to avoid dough balls and get my mash going more smoothly, does it make sense to wet the grains with cold water before adding the strike water? This is the same as adding corn starch to water and mixing before...
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    I Want To Buy A PWM

    I just got through mangling my attempt at building a PWM based on a common design around here, for my new electric kettle project. I don't have the skills or the equipment to solder up my own PWM board, so I'm hoping somebody can point me to a ready-made model. I really have no use for PID as...
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    60 Quart Cooler = Cheap New Mash Tun

    $24 at Walmart, even cheaper than advertised online when I decided to head out to get it!