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    Best pumpkin ale kit?

    I was cruising around the internet HBS looking for a pumpkin ale kit to get going on for fall. While NB didn't have one (that I found), MW and AHS each had one, but it looks like the recipes are very different. MW's has brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg; while AHS's has cinnamon, nutmeg, mace...
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    Help me choose a beer for my wedding rehearsal dinner

    I'm getting married on September 19th, and my parents are throwing the rehearsal dinner at their golf club the night before. They are having it catered by a local BBQ place and my mom asked me to choose the beer. She knows I'm a beer aficionado, and won't like or drink BMC if they get it, so...
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    boil volume?

    This is a dumb question I've been wondering about for awhile. When you calculate the boil volume, is it just the amount of water or the amount of water plus the extract you add? I always boil with 3 gallons of water, and add the malt to it. Is my boil volume 3 gallons or 3.5 (or whatever...
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    Trying to re-create a recipe

    Instead of ordering the Northern Brewer kit for their extra pale ale, I parted it out and bought it from Midwest (to save a few bucks, and because I've enjoyed them so far). The recipe is as follows: 6# Gold LME 1# Dingeman's Caramel Pils (which I substituted with .5# Briess CaraPils and...
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    What to use instead of Dingeman's Caramel Pils?

    I found a recipe that calls for 1# Dingeman's Caramel Pils. This stuff isn't the same as Briess CaraPils, so what would be a good substitute that Midwest sells? I want to try and order my ingredients tonight so if anyone has any insight let me know!
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    Working on a brewery logo, "Ontario Brewing"

    My dad and I are brewing together and he is all gung-ho for making labels and is very excited about it. I thought, then, that I'd work on some logos for our brewery. I decided to "name us" Ontario Brewing, seeing that we live near the shore of Lake Ontario. There are black and white...
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    going to brew this, my first recipe

    I did some reading, some looking, some research... and came up with a very simple recipe. I think it will make beer, and I think it sounds good. What do you guys think? Point Breeze Pale Ale --------------------- Brewer: Andrew Fox Style: American Pale Ale Batch: 5.00 gal Extract (3.00...
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    Anyone ever brewed MW Fuggles IPA?

    Just cracked open a bottle of my first batch ever, Fuggles IPA, after ~12 days. I understand the standard advice here is let it sit! And I will, but as it is now I'm worried about the flavor. The description says it is "buttery, creamy, earthy and aromatic" It is none of this things. The...
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    Groomsmen's Gifts

    Hey guys, I'm getting married in about 3 months, and, cutting right to the chase, I have 6 groomsmen and 2 dads who I have no clue what to get as gifts. Each have varied personalities: some like beer, and my dad and best man are in on my homebrewing adventure, but some don't. Some like...
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    How to design a beer (extract)? And, a recipe.

    I have brewed a few extract kits from Midwest and am interested in trying to design my own extract beer. I am now, however, lost in the sea of specialty grains, flavorings, additives, and hops. Is there a good book or resource to help decode specialty grain types and the characteristics they...
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    ABV, and how to raise it

    Hey guys, I'm 2 batches in to homebrewing now and there's a lot of thanks due to the forum! Today, I have a question about ABV, and why mine is low and how I can bring it up. I enjoy my session beers to be in the 4.5-5.5 range, and my stronger beers (IPAs and such) to be much higher than...
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    Transferred from primary --> secondary today (temp question)

    Brewing a MW Fuggles IPA. OG was 1.042-1.046, mine came in at 1.043. Yeast was Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley from a propogator (I made a starter). I let it ferment for 7 days. Final reading was 1.010-1.011, which was the target, so I know that it did ferment... however, the residue in my...
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    My beer isn't boiling!

    I have a thermometer in it, and the highest is putting out is 210.4º No foaming, nothing... it looks like this: Andrew R Should I be worried? it's rolling, but no bubbles and no foam.
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    Bought a Wyeast propagator instead of an activator.

    I'm completely new to homebrewing. I ordered all my supplies and a Fuggles IPA extract kit from Midwest Supplies and everything got here Saturday afternoon. I unpacked and got the yeast right in the fridge and was super excited, until... I realized I did just enough research to screw it up...