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    Kegco KM11GM-3R Grain Mill

    Does anyone have the Kegco KM11GM-3R Grain Mill? This looks to be similar to the monster mills but at a much lower price point (175 after shipping). I typically brew ~15 (5 gallon) batches per year so I'm looking for something that will hold up but not break the bank. Amazon link...
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    HLT temperature Loss over night

    I’m trying to cut time off my all grain brew day and I’m thinking I can reduce some of the front end work by preheating the HLT water the night before. I use RO water and make adjustments with bru’n water to hit my water chemistry. It seems like it takes about an hour before I’m ready to mash...
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    Recipe highlighting Maris Otter

    All grain brewer looking for a recipe to see the difference between American 2 row and Marris Otter. I have about 8 AG batches under my belt and want to try Maris Otter malt. Any recommendations on recipes that use MO as the base malt.
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    Airlock sucked dry

    I'm two days into fermentation with a new style wide mouth caribou the fermonster. The beer is a clone of zombie dust with an OG of 1.070 pitched with 1.5 packets of rehydrated US-04. A large krausen developed 14 hours post pitch and strong fermentation 20 hours post pitch. The airlock filled...
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    Krausen in air lock

    Hey, Just noticed I have some krausen / hop material in the air lock. Should I clean off the airlock and replace or just leave it as is. It's only been a week and I plan to let this sit another week and then dry hop it. For another week. I do have another airlock so should I swap out airlocks...
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    Bottling with 64oz growlers

    Hello, Found a guy on Facebook selling 12 - 64oz twist cap growlers. I typically make 5 gallon batches due to the pain of bottling but might make 10 if I can cut down the number of bottles by using large growlers. Should I have any concern bottling with 64oz twist cap growlers?
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    Bottling with starsan bubbles in bottle

    I don't have a drying rack and the dishwasher was full so I let my bottles dry right side up after sanitizing with starsan. I might have used a bit too much sanitizer because the water was pretty bubbly. I did notice a few small bubbles remaining in some bottles when I went to fill them. Does...
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    Pitched fermentis s 34/70 at 75 - 80 degree

    Hello, I brewed an Oktoberfest on Friday and pitched S 34/70 lager yeast around 75-80 degrees. I have a blow off tube but not much activity. The krausen has formed so I think I am fine but there is a bunch of brown stuff on top. I read that 34/70 should be pitched around 55-60 after the fact...
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    Over shot OG and diluted

    I over shot my Oktoberfest OG target of 1.058 with a 1.065. Part of the issue is I lost more to evaporation than expected and instead of having extra wort I had about 4.75 gallons. I also might have had better efficiency as well. I added 60 OZ of purified water which should have me close. I...
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    AG Oktoberfest recipe feedback needed

    Looking for input on my first attempt for an AG Oktoberfest: 5 Gallon Brew house Efficiency 67% EST OG 1.057 EST FG 1.010 IBU 19.3 SRM 12.9 6 LBS Munich Malt 5 LBS Vienna Malt 2 Lbs CaraMunich Malt Type 1 Single Infusion Mash @ 152 90 Min boil: 1 oz Czech Saaz Hop Pellets...
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    Secondary exposed to air.

    I currently have a hybrid English pale ale / amber ale in my secondary. I checked it this morning and found the three piece airlock had came off. I checked two days ago and it was on fine so at most 48 hours of exposure. The OG was 1.070 and the fg was 1.106 so I figure the alochol content...
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    Fermentation without air lock activity.

    This is my 4 th extract and it's been 72 hours since pitching an no airlock activity. I understand that a hydrometer is the only true indication of fermentation. I assume fermentation has started but their is not excess co2 being produced in the bucket. My real question is how long should I...
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    Mr. Beer in carboy?

    Hello, My brother in law bought me a mr. Beer three pack of hopped malt extract. I currently have a 5 & 6.5 gallon carboy & the mr. Beer is for 2.2 gallon batches. Would I be ok using the 5 gallon carboy or would the extra head space effect the beer? My other thought is to buy one of the 3-4...