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  1. leandrocosta

    Defining crispness (for a foreign-language person)

    How would you define crispness for a foreign-language person, in terms of other well-defined (easier to understand) properties like freshness, dryness, sourness, carbonation, mouthfeel, etc.?
  2. leandrocosta

    Counter pressure filler

    I'd like to build a counter pressure filter based on the BYO's 2005 project, and since this is a very old project I'd like to know if there is a modern, better project available. These are the components I'm planning to use: 1/4” stainless steel tees (2): 1/4”...
  3. leandrocosta

    Mastering Homebrew's illustrations

    I'd like to have them in large resolution, maybe put them in frames. Does anybody know where how I can have them?
  4. leandrocosta

    Thermostat XH-W1208 - wiring diagram

    Does anybody have the wiring diagram for this thermostat?