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    Yeast as a laxative??

    I have just bottled my 3rd extract batch of beer. The first two were awesome but this batch has a different attitude. After I drink one of these porters I immediately have to go p00p(3 attempts at drinking this beer!). There is 1/8th inch of yeast on the bottom of the bottle which is way more...
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    6.5 gallon secondary???

    Hello Everyone.... I am in the process of brewing my first batch an irish stout. I have the brew fermenting in a 6.5 gallon glass carboy. The gravity is getting close to where it needs to be & I want to proceed with a secondary fermenter. Can i use a 6.5 gallon bucket for this? Everything...
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    THC Oil???

    Has anyone ever added THC Oil to a home brew?? Can this be done??
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    Keg type????

    Hello all. I just made my first batch of homebrew & am now looking at kegging options....something i know nothing about! I got a small keg from work & am wondering if i can use this for my homebrews????Any advice would be helpful... [/IMG]