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    Ran out of CO2

    I force carbonate and had two kegs hooked up to a CO2 canister. My CO2 ran out, and looks like my beer may have gone flat. Can I recarbobate the kegs or are they shot??
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    Can I put Bottled Beer in a Growler?

    I made a great pumpkin beer and bottled it. Unfortunately a lot of the pumpkin pieces are still floating in the beer. At home, I strain it into a glass. Heading to a party today, and was going to bring the beer. Instead of having the guests chew the beer, I was thinking of opening a bunch of...
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    Pumpkin Beer Question

    Doing a pumpkin beer with fresh pumpkin. The recipe I have says to throw the baked pumpkin chunks into the boil, which is happening now... My question is... Do I ferment with the pumpkin chunks in the Wort??
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    Help! Wyeast Question

    Hi All! I have a package of Wyeast that may or may not have frozen in my fridge. I came back from vacation, and a bunch of stuff in my fridge was frozen, due to the cold (Garage fridge). I was going to brew last nigh, smacked the pack, then decided it might be safe to just drive and get...
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    Can I make a keg warm?

    Im moving, and I need to unplug my fridge where i keep my keg for a few days to defrost it. Will the beer spoil by going from cold to warm then cold again a week from now?
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    Thick Wort

    Last night I brewed a batch that was an experiment recipe I just made up using dry extract. I started with about 10 qts of water and added 4lbs of wheat malt extract at the boil. At 20 mins left in the boil, I added another 3lbs of dry malt. The wort became very thick, and looked like lava. I...
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    Moldy bottles

    So I started kegging a few months ago, and haven't looked at a bottle since. I decided to bottle a raspberry wheat beer tonight, and brought out some bottles from the basement. I must not have cleaned them well because they are moldy, really moldy.... I soaked them in c-brute and scrubbed them...
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    How long does DME last?

    I received a Cooper's Stout brew can as a gift for Xmas, and the people also have me a bag of Dried Malt Extract. Usually when I buy DME it is in a vaccum sealed bag. This was not. Instead, it was in a zip lock bag. Like I said, I received this about three months ago. Do you think the DME is...
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    Dry Hopping

    Hi all, I want to dry hop my beer. Do I need to sterilize the bag at all for the hops?
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    What Does This Mean

    Im surfing the internet finding recipes, as i have always used and modified recipes from my local brew store. what does (3.0 SRM) mean in the below? thanks!! 4.00 lb Extra Light Dry Extract (3.0 SRM) Dry Extract 44.4 %
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    Secondary Question

    Im using a recipe for a Japanese beer which says that the beer may benefit to sit in a secondary fermenter for two week after the primary. It goes onto state that you should use a glass carboy. Two questions: Is a secondary normally necessary? Do I need you use a carboy or can I use one of my...
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    Foam in airlock

    Ive been brewing for about 10 months, and this never happen.... The foam from the fermenter has actually come up and is in my airlock. It has since settled, but there is a lot still in the airlock. Is it ok to leave in there?
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    Sludge beer

    Do I think I messed up... I decided to try to force carbonate by beer by shaking the keg (ipa). There is no head, and the beer is like sludge... Almost looks like juice. It tastes fine. Will the beer settle and not be so sludgy
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    Are there any sanitizers I can buy at a grocery store? I need to sanatize my keg and lines tonight and I'm out of c-brite. Thx!!
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    Hi all, Is there any cleaner that well to clean kegs, bottles, fermenters, etc... That I can buy at a regular grocery store??
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    Verty Cloudy Beer

    Just finished an IPA and just Kegged it, which was the first beer i Kegged. The beer itself is really really cloudy, almost muddy. It tastes fine, but looks terrible. There are also little bits of crap in the beer, maybe yeast or hops? Will that all settle eventually ?
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    Leave the Gas On?

    I kegged for the first time tonight. I have the gas set to 10PSI, and I guess it's carbonating. My question is, do I leave the gas turned on while it's carbonation? How long does that process take?
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    Brewing a Stout NOW and need help...

    I'm brewing a stout that I purchased from a local brew store by me . Recipe and ingredients all came in a box. Its my first stout, so I figured this would be easy... That said, I'm not sure if the store made an error or subsituted. The recipe text calls for the cans of malted extract and...
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    Kegging Question

    I just bought a kegging set up and will be doing it for the first time this week. Two questions. 1. The directions say to turn the co2 on to push the oxygen out before I rack the beer. Doesn't the oxygen just get back in when I rack? 2. After I carbonate the beer, do I leave the tank on, or...
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    Took A pic of this IPA about 7 days after I started fermenting. When I stirred this batch before adding the yeast, it was crazy foamy, so I'm hoping it is just foam that never settled.... The browner area is where I just pulled a sample from and had to break through the foam... The wort tastes...