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    Washington Electric Homebrew Starter Set

    I got into basic homebrew years ago, then a year ago I decided to try out small batch electric brewing. I started gathering parts and accessories to make a 2.5 gallon E-BIAB kit. After working on this for a year I have decided its no longer for me and I would rather sell everything I collected...
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    Sub 5 gallon electric kits?

    Unfortunately stove top brewing is not an option for me, my wife absolutely hates the smell of hops so kitchen brewing will never be an option. The closest I will get to indoor brewing is being in my open garage haha
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    Sub 5 gallon electric kits?

    Hey guys, started brewing several years ago, started with 5 gallon extract then moved onto all grain, then moved onto a 10 gallon system, then started to play a little with electric BIAB system. Then life happened, my son was born and brewing vanished and was eventually sold off. As I pulled a...
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    Washington Grain Mill, Thermoworks, Scale, Refractometer, Ect.

    SOLD TO mtbr_brewer....Thanks!! I got out of larger scale homebrewing a while back, and have a few more leftovers that I would like to sell off. I am hoping I can sell it all as a complete package. Included is: Cereal Killer Grain Mill Oxygen Aeration System (Hooks up to red Oxygen tanks...
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    Washington Hot Rod Heat Sticks & Kettle Punch

    Heat stick has been sold. I have a 1-7/8" knockout punch, I bought this to eventually use a weld-less tri-clamp bulkhead from Still Dragon ( but I never ended up going that route. I am asking $30 for this and would...
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    Washington Equitment Selloff

    I want to get these links onto the forum for better visibility. The remainder of my brewing equipment, I only want to deal locally at the moment and want to sell as a complete package. Please do not message about separating and selling individual components at this time...
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    How To Tighten Tri Clamp Fitting?

    I figured it out, to much homebrew when trying to think, mods please delete haha
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    Stovetop Brewing?

    I wanted to try out a 2.5g BIAB batch on my stove top but then quickly realized that our stove vent does not actually vent to the outside, its just one of the recirculating vents, so it really just pumps the air though a couple filters and spits it back out. After boiling for an hour thats...
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    Prototype Previews: Hopback and Heat Stick

    Any word on when the hot rods will be back in stock?
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    2" TriClamp Weldless Bulkhead Fitting

    Would this work for adding an element to a kettle? I realize I would need the element triclamp adapter as well Would this combo give me a easily removable...
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    Prototype Previews: Hopback and Heat Stick

    Both my Lowes and Home Depot cables are rated at 90°c :( If I go a couple cities away their hardware stores are nicer and larger, I will have to give them a try and see if they have what I am looking for because 105°c would be perfect!
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    Prototype Previews: Hopback and Heat Stick

    Can anyone recommend me a 12/3 SJOOW cable? I have gone to every hardware store in my area, including electric supply shops and and no one has a 12/3 SJOOW cable rated higher that 90°c. I dont mind ordering online, but I only need about 10' of cable, not a 200' roll haha..
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    Computer For Brewing?

    I picked up a HP Stream 7 tablet last night for $99, its exactly what I want, I didn't know I could get a tablet with a full version of Windows for less than a couple hundred bucks, but I did it and it's working great! Next to get a copy of BeerSmith!
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    Computer For Brewing?

    Right now I have no brewing software, I typically just look up recipes and just go off of them. I am getting more into brew science and why beer is the way it is I have been thinking about getting myself a computer and getting some software to help me come up with new recipes.. That being said...
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    Good deal on potential wood top electric brew stand

    Amazon has some nice looking stainless steel tables for around the same price, not sure if you have seen those. Just an option. Personally I wouldnt want a wood table when working with water but that is just me. I wouldn't want it to constanly get wet and become damaged.
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    Watts for 2.5 gallons?

    I guess that is correct, though my kitchen is the only place I have 20amp outlets (the single sideways prong). My breaker box doe have additional 20amp breakers designated for outlets, though the outlets them self are just 15amp outlets. So all it would take it replacing an outlet. Also...
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    Fluoride Free Water?

    My typical brew water comes from an RV house hooked up to my outdoor water spigot, then I run the water though a whole house water filter and into my brew kettle. I was looking up specs/data on my city water and seen that I can get fluoride free water for free from certain pump house in my...
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    Watts for 2.5 gallons?

    I am building a 2.5g E-BIAB system that I want to be able to use indoors on the rainy days and outdoors on the nice days. Though my kitchen is wired for a 20amp circuit I am still debating between 1500 watts and 2000 watts. If I go with 1500 I can brew anywhere with this system, but if I go...
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    Prototype Previews: Hopback and Heat Stick

    I have been trying to read though this thread but there is just so much to it, 3 days later I have still not yet found enough time. Bobby can you answer this, are you still thinking about putting in a thermowell or anything like that on the Hot Rod Heat Stick? I would like to buy one when...