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    Forgot to measure OG. How to determine ABV?

    Hullo, brewers! After a series of near-disasters this past weekend (not really related to my brewing skills or lack thereof, just... stuff happening), I finally have my second batch of Deception Cream Stout in the fermentation bucket, as of about 4:15 yesterday afternoon. So we're now roughly...
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    Fancy Glassware: Spiegelau Stout vs. Wheat Beer Glasses

    So I've decided I'd like to have a few very nice beer glasses on hand, as a step up from my usual commercial pint glasses. (which I have a ton of... I literally buy them by the gross (cases of 144) because I use them instead of the ubiquitous red Solo cups at parties, to class up the joint)...
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    Keg emergency! HALP!

    So I have about 1/2 a corny keg full of home brew, which I've promised to bring to the office lunch party TOMORROW. I went outside tonight to start filling up 4 growlers (I didn't want to bring the whole thing, shaking it all up, plus, it won't fit in the fridge at the office!) and a few...
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    How do I know how much beer is left in my keg?

    Title says it all. Is there a fuel gauge or something I can buy? (I tried various searches first but "gauge" is clearly pointless when you're not referring to regulators) Obviously venting the gas and popping the lid to take a look-see would work, but is a bad idea for lots of reasons. I...
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    First Batch n00b! Time to bottle/keg? Questions!

    Ok, my first batch has been fermenting in primary for 2 weeks as of tomorrow. Blonde Ale extract kit, with US-05 yeast. Temps maintained around 60-65f, for the most part, and I've let it climb the past few days closer to 70f. The Kraeusen rose, the Kraeusen fell (actually, the bubbles went...
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    Priming Sugar Prepared 2 Weeks Early!

    So I brewed my first batch a couple of weeks ago (extract kit). I discovered just last night on brew day, my wife, who was following along and helping me, had skipped ahead in the brew instructions, and prepped the priming sugar by boiling it in the prescribed amount of water. She was...
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    KPBrews' Inaugural Brew Day

    Well, today was the day. This was certainly an interesting experience. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned. I guess I'll find out in a couple of weeks whether or not the mistakes will cause an issue. Today, I brewed a Blonde Ale from More Beer, using their full complete ingredient kit...
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    1st time brewer ... Worried about fermentation temps in hot climate?

    Greetings, Brewers! First post here, actually, first post about brewing, period. I'm a long time beer snob, and first time brewer, and I'm really really excited to get started! As usual for me, starting a new hobby, I probably spent way too much to get going, but it just seemed like a...