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  1. bigjohnmilford

    Happy birthday Melana

    See subject line
  2. bigjohnmilford


    Dunkin whole bean. That is all.
  3. bigjohnmilford

    Narragansett Autocrat milk stout

    A little light on mouth feel. But, very tasty.
  4. bigjohnmilford

    Going back to Orlando. Anyone want to have a few beers?

    Going to be there from the 13th to the 22nd for work. Anyone want to meet up at Orlando Brewing?
  5. bigjohnmilford

    Has anyone tried Southern Tier Chocolate stout?

    I had some last night and it was like chocolate milk beer. Just awesome. I hope it tastes as good in bottles as it does on tap. :mug:
  6. bigjohnmilford

    Stupid Giants fans

    why? dM8hXK5L1PA
  7. bigjohnmilford

    Going to Orlando

    Going to Orlando this weekend anyone want to meet up for a beer? :mug:
  8. bigjohnmilford

    1 year ago

    I became a member of this online community and I would like to thank all the folks who make this place what it is. Thanks for all the great info, laughs, and fight club posts. To all the folks I've met in person and online thanks for a great year. I look forward to meeting up with more of you...
  9. bigjohnmilford

    CH Evans in Albany NY

    Has anyone been there. Any stay aways or go for it's? Thanks for any info.
  10. bigjohnmilford

    Owen O'leary's Southboro Ma. 9/19/08

    For those who may have missed it on the Masstoberfest thread. We're having a little pre-event gathering @ Owen's in Southboro/Framingham rte. 9 east around lunchtime on Friday. So far attending are Boston, Melana, Paulthenurse...
  11. bigjohnmilford

    How to save the airline industry

    forwarded to me by a friend HOW TO SAVE THE AIRLINES Dump the male flight attendants. No one wanted them in the first place. Replace all the female flight attendants with good-looking strippers! What the hell -- They don't even serve food anymore, so what's the loss? The strippers...
  12. bigjohnmilford

    Did anyone watch hole in the wall?

    for more than 5 seconds? If this show lasts more than a couple of weeks I'd be surprised. What a bunch of crap. I couldn't make it past the intro's of the contestants. What a bunch of j*rk offs. I think I'll soon be going Orfy's route and throwing my tv out the window.
  13. bigjohnmilford


    Malaysian man gets nut stuck in delicate place: report - Yahoo! News
  14. bigjohnmilford

    Happy birthday Melana

    Happy birthday Melana. :mug:
  15. bigjohnmilford

    Old Speckled Hen

    Our favorite beer bar is running a promo night with Old Speckled Hen tonight. Is it worth making the run out. I've never had it that I can recall. Opinions anyone? Thanks for any replies. :mug:
  16. bigjohnmilford

    Happy B-day PseudoChef

    Happy B-day PseudoChef
  17. bigjohnmilford

    so you think you spend alot on beer?;_ylt=AoFlIyDtiFwxVk9W5tKMvLSs0NUE
  18. bigjohnmilford

    Making the jump soon. How does this look for starters?

    Making the jump soon. How does this look for starters? Will the pot be big enough for a full boil? We'll be doing 5 gallon batches.;jsessionid=YYN0VZUACIGTPLAQBBLCCONMCAEFAIWE?id=0043326&type=pod&cmCat=cat21404_feature3&_requestid=15287
  19. bigjohnmilford

    Southern NH and Nothern Mass

    We did a little brewery and brew pubbing this weekend. We hit AB in Merrimack, Redhook and Portsmouth Brewery in Portsmouth, Millys Tavern in Manchester and The Tap in Haverhill. I must say we were in awe at the size and volume we saw @ AB and completely surprised that there was an AB product...
  20. bigjohnmilford

    oxi clean and swing top bottles

    Will oxi clean harm the seals on swing top bottles? We were gifted some a while ago and I'm going through them now. I don't know if I'll ever use them I just need to clean them up. It's been driving me crazy knowing they are there and not more than a star san soak away from use. Thanks for any...