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    Quality control for micro breweries

    I just don't understand why SRM and hop profiles vary so significantly in the same beer brewed by the same brewery. So as far as malt goes I have read this I have noticed malt profiles are commonly controlled but hop profiles are...
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    co2 solubility factors, I WANT MOUTHFEEL

    I want to know why some beers go flat right away and some don't. When they go instantly flat (such in my beer) you get no mouth feel or watery texture. I came to a conclusion that there are factors beyond ABV,pressure,temperature etc.. that affect the solubility of co2. (probably proteins...
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    why does fermentng under pressure or under hydrostatic pressure does yeast produce..

    less ethers and phenols? Any Biochem or Organic chemist with an education want to clear this up? if you are not educated please give me sources does not necessarily have to be online it can be text I can buy etc.. another question relevant Why can stone brewing company ferment their...
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    anyone got a Black Hart North Coast Brewing clone?

    i think it was discontinued...not at tj's anymore.. lame part is that this was only dark beer I really liked dont know why... Can anyone dream a recipe so I can make something like it this winter?
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    lowest temp with wlp051

    just wondering in regards to wlp051 whats lowest temp you fermented at and what flavor profile was produced? I've heard of other ale yeast like nottingham ferment at like 62 or even less btw i use wlp051 because I like a very slight fruity flavor
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    best year for wine in the last century was 1997 as x year was best year for hop growi

    Simple question what was the "best year"? I know best is subjective but give it try. In addition do your home grown hops tatste diff than store bought? if so how? Can your toungue tell what part of oregon or washington the hops come from? Do you guys know how to manipulate flavor profile...
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    does dry hopping add flavor or body to beer? or only aroma?

    Ok so I have read that dry hopping only adds aroma is this true? It just dosent convince me that it dosent affect flavor. so yea does dry hopping add flavor or that oily body like in the beers such as pliny the elder and dugana IPA? thanks to all replys in advance!
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    what do I need to inject co2 into my fermentor? 1:11:20 to around 1:11:45 "blow co2 into the bottom of the fermentor" I dont know anything about aeration or co2 equipment so sorry for my ignorance. I just need this so my dry hops evenly distribute in my...
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    looking for wyeast 1056 specifications..anyone know where?

    looking for something like white labs mini ferment data. but I want to see the wyeast version if it exists. let me know thanks.
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    astringency i like... which hops?

    Did something like this recipe a while back and was my fav beer. This beer had an astringency. What I mean by astringency is a sticky, dry toungue feeling. If you know what I'm talking about which hop is it? I was thinking Amarillo or warrior. The changes I made I can remember I took off like...
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    inconsistency between bottles(watery/dry hop)

    ok well since my first batch of brew I have been consdering to compare the first bottles I bottle vs. the last bottles I bottle. The results are that the first bottles taste watery and lack aroma The last bottles do not taste watery and have alot of dry hop aroma. I am requesting...
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    how much faster is a 1/2 inch bottling wand compared to a 3/8 bottling wand?

    Putting the beer in bottles takes forever especially with the pencil thin spring tip bottling wand I have. I have a 3/8 and was thinking about a 1/2 inch spring tip. How much faster would I bottle? haha i have a feeling it would barley get faster at all huh. I dont know if I would consider...
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    Cold crash, air lock sucking

    I'm cold crashing about 38F temp differential at 3F I fill 3 peice airlock to the line. 3 hours later it drinks half of it. I have refilled it 3 times in the last 24 hours everytime I check it stops around the same spot. Last time I filled to the line was at 4PM checked 20 min ago and bam...
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    BJCP...doctoring beer for a beginer judge...

    How and in what styles should i practice off flavors? ok well I'm not really active in anything in my life other than school and have decided I want to try to become a BJCP. I read the study guide memorizing is a matter of effort and is no big deal now ability to identify flavors and odors is...
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    I want to grow hops but squirrels eat everything!

    I have backyard with parts that have alot of sunlight but the squirrels eat everything. What can I do to stop this if i decide to grow hops?
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    Is my beer supposed to ferment this fast?

    I got wyeast 1056 OG= 1.040 now SG= 1.01 to 1.009 its been 72 hours since i pitched is it supposed to ferment this fast? I am going to dry hop 5 oz and Im concerned about oxidation should I dry hop now? Otherwise...what should I do? Im at 77% atten...
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    How do finings affect nutrition of a beer?

    let’s say 2 exact beers 1 with finings and 1 cold crashed. how will it affect the nutrition label in regards to vitamins, antioxidants, calories, protein content, etc...
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    how long will it take for beer to carbonate if you cold crash?

    I was recomeneded to cold crash on this forum and I was wondering how long does it take to carb If you do for wlp051 or wyeast 1056. Is yeast even a concern here? just a general idea would be fine. btw im bottling
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    San Diego beer fest anyone going? I'm volunteering anyone going? its tomorow
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    stuck fermentation...want to bottle, do not want bottle bombs

    Stuck ferment wlp051 OG= 1.065 FG=1.02 Atten= 69.23% If I cold crash and bottle will the sugar that was not fermented from thoes 2 points ferment. I'm making an IPA I found sources on how to calculate priming sugar but what do i do about that unfermented sugar what if it ferments...