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    HANNA Ph Meter

    I want to get a PH meter, but I don't have a lot of money to spend. has anybody ever used this if so: did it work well? was it accurate? is it just going to break and i will wish...
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    Mashing with distilled water

    Hello, Sorry if this topic has been brought up already. If it has just link me. I live in a city where I really don't like the taste of the water, too much chlorine and floride. So I've been brewing with distilled water. So far my results have been decent flavor wise, but I feel I am not...
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    Using fresh fruit without infection?

    So I was hanging out with one of the writers for Beer Magazine, a so cal monthly. and He gave me a taste of his blackberry saison. it was amazing. He told me he used fresh blackberries right off the bush in the secondary. So I was thinking, how do I use fresh fruit in a secondary fermentation...
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    Easy home temp control

    Ok. So I'm pretty new. I started my brewing experience with a ton of research and reading. And the last 3 or 4 beers I've done I have been really happy with. But they still have that "homebrewy" flavor. I always ferment at room temp, we try to meep the house around 68. And I have decided based...
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    Strubbe's ipa, anyone have a nice clone?

    Want a 5 gallon all grain clone. Live this ipa
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    Fall and winter

    Plant. I would say more but there are numerous recent threads that cover thus if you look.
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    Commercial beers that let you down?

    Rogue dead guy. Everyone I talked to love it. I just thought it tasted like stale burnt cedar.
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    Moving houses - what do I do with my hops?

    Honestly, they might be hibernating, if you have a pretty established root ball they should make it, might not show new growth till the spring, I wouldn't give up, mulch and fertilize with a low nitrogen slow release fertilizer, something like 0-2-0 or 0-2-2, you don't want nitrogen to kick them...
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    What do I do with new rhizomes in September?

    You should be fine, mulch heavily over where you plant them. That will keep the soil a bit warmer. Just remember that rhizomes have a fairly high rate of failure, so be prepared for some not to make it. If you are really paranoid you can pot them and plant in the spring, just don't make the...
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    New Hop Variety: Belma- Puterbaugh Farms

    Sounds like it might be good in a Belgian style ipa. Something like Strubbes IPA, not sure what hops strubbes uses but this might make the citrus flavor pop a bit more without making it too bitter like citra would in that beer
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    Great Lakes Hops

    If you live somewhere where it won't freeze for another month or so then you can put them right in the ground. Hops like to freeze in the winter. But if it happens too soon they won't be able to establish any root growth and your better off waiting till spring. However some people have success...
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    Great Lakes Hops

    I just want to say that these people are awesome. I operate a small family farm in Sacramento CA, And we wanted to buy some hops. GLH was super helpful and sent us 50 plants with an extra of each variety just incase. A few weeks later about 4 of my chinooks had dried up completely, all the...
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    I may be a loner in this lol But I dont like Hoppy beers

    Well said, sometimes at a good beer bar I have to sample 2-3 different styles to really know what I'm in the mood for. My tastes range from an enamel wrecker like 90 minute pale ale, to something smooth and malty like St. Peter's cream ale. But what is always tue for my taste is that a big hoppy...
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    What do I do with new rhizomes in September?

    Hops like to freeze. If it freezes tomorrow the rhizome will preserve. If it doesn't freeze they will begin to root and be even stronger in the spring
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    Selling a beer? Utopia

    Are we allowed to sell bottles on this forum. It's not commercial. I came cross a 2009 utopia still sealed, aged in a cool environment, still in the box, and I was hoping to sell it on here but wanted to make see that was ok first.
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    Starting a yard in sacramento

    Sorry, writing this from my stupid iPod Gould have said above
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    Starting a yard in sacramento

    Thanks I'll check it out. I've heard of the hip yards that used to be in sloughouse and have been wanting to hike around the area
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    Starting a yard in sacramento

    Just got my plants from Great Lakes Hops out of Michigan. Hopefully get them in the ground today and tomorrow if not they will be potted until I can work some more of the soil on our property. Starting out with chinook, nugget, and cascade. 20 plants of each. Also starting with cultivated...
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    Is the season officially a bust?

    My first year cascade rhizomes are just about ready. Planted six late late in the season and only 2 produced cones, which is more than I expected first year. Only grew to about 10 ft. I think I would have had a better yield on a few on the others but I had a spider might problem that I let go...
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    Name That Hops Variety

    I knowledgable home brewer might be able to give you a good idea if you bring him dried cones. Scent between varieties can be easy to distinguish, at least narrow down to a few possibilities and tell you of they are bittering or aroma