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    OG too low

    I just did my first biab and the og came out to 1.044 instead of anywhere near the 1.085 that the recipe stated. Is there any way to fix this? Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
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    Bad Elmer clone?

    Has anyone seen a bad elmer porter recipe on here? It's from Upland Brewery. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
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    Forgot to add Irish Moss

    I'm brewing a strawberry blonde. It called for Irish Moss which I forgot to add. Is it possible/worth it to add it during fermentation? Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
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    Scotch Ale timing in secondary

    I'm brewing a Dirty Bastard clone. Anyone know the timing for the secondary? How about how long it should stay in the bottle before drinking? Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
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    Small batch brewing

    So Northern Brewer has a Quad Core kit. Basically a way to do 4 small batches at the same time. I love doing beer flights. Wouldn't this be a great way to try a bunch of different beers without being stuck with 5gal of something? Am I missing something? You just use a fifth of any 5gal...
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    Cloudy Airlock

    I just brewed a scotch ale yesterday. 5gal in a plastic bucket. It's my first time with liquid yeast and I pitched it about 36 hours before I brewed. Now, the morning after I brewed, I notice my airlock is bubbling per usual, but the water in it is cloudy and yeasty smelling. Is this ok...
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    Priming sugar for breakfast stout

    Hey all, whats the best type of priming sugar for breakfast stouts??
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    Brewing my first stout

    I'm getting ready to brew my first stout. It's a breakfast stout. Looking through the recipes I'm wondering, should I use priming sugar before bottling? I will be adding coffee at that time too.
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    Steeping for a five gal batch

    I'm getting ready to brew my 3rd partial mash batch. I've brewed two kits so far: one called for steeping in 5 gallons of water, the other said steep in 2.5 gallons then add the rest of the water in the primary to equal 5 gallons. Is there a better method here? Would I generally get more...
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    Looking for a Coffee/Oatmeal Stout

    With the cold days not far away, I would love to brew an Oatmeal/Coffee Stout. Is it better to use grounds or brewed coffee? Who has the best recipe for a partial mash? It'll be my first stout and third brew.
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    Help-Pumpkin Ale too hoppy

    Hey so my first beer is a Pumpkin Ale from Midwest Supplies. It's been bottled 2 weeks today so I tried one and it's more hoppy than pumpkin-y. Is there a way to fix this batch?
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    Looking for a 6%+ abv

    So if I want to brew a beer that is between 6-8% alcohol, do I need to find a recipe that has a corresponding finished gravity according to my hydrometer? Or is there another way?
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    Need bottles

    Does anyone have a surplus of beer bottles out there?
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    Adding pumpkin spice a few days before bottling.

    So I posed the question in the thread below: Then, I was thinking, since I'm a few days away from bottling, what if I boil some water (how much?) with the teaspoon of spice and add today? PS - My gravity reading today...
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    Can i add spice before bottling?

    First time brewer and made a rookie mistake. I'm brewing 5gal of pumpkin ale and thought I was supposed to add my teaspoon of spice along with sugar before bottling. But I should've added the spice before fermentation on the last two minutes of boiling. So, since I have to boil the corn sugar...