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    Wort smells like ass

    This is great news gents, good to hear! I'd almost lost hope. Less on learned about peeking and judging ferm by bubbles. The bucket I'd back sitting pretty in a 50deg fridge! I have no idea what a diacetyl rest is... But I'm going to look it up now. This forum is great!
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    Wort smells like ass

    Brewing up my first lager and five days into fermentation is smells bad. The airlock isn't bubbling but if I peek in the bucket it looks to be fermenting. Have it at 50 degrees stable in the ferm chamber. Thoroughly sanitized everything. Should I dump it? I did take it out for a day on day...
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    Ale yeast at lagering temps?

    Thanks gents. I did hit FG in only two wks in primary- probably due to the high temp/rapid fermentation. But I thought conditioning started only after - or does it start after fermentation slows & the yeast is just processing byproducts?
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    Ale yeast at lagering temps?

    Perhaps a dumb and previously-asked question... Couldn't find a thread in search. Anyhow, I put 5gallons of an American amber in a secondary after two weeks in the primary. It fermented a little warm in the primary-- heat wave up here, so it got to about 75-80 in my basement. I don't recall...
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    American Amber conversion to all grain from extract

    Nrock- how long did you ferment the amber in primary/secondary, and did you use any fining agents? I'm using the same extract kit, I just moved to 2ndary after two weeks and it smelled delicious. I also have 5g of koelsch in bottles, should be ready in a few days.