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    Wyeast 1272 vs US-05 - BIG Difference!

    Hi, Made a 1.060 Lakewalk APA on Sunday, split the 42 litre batch into 2 x 25 litre buckets. One bucket got Wyeast 1272 (2L starter) and other bucket got 1 x packet of US-05 Dry Yeast. Today, 5 full days after i pitched the yeasticles: US-05 is at 1.018, tastes very fruity, not as much...
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    Dextrose - Source of infection?

    Hi, 3 batches in a row have become gushers. First 2 weeks they taste great, great carbonation, all the right flavours etc etc. As it his around 14 - 18 days, all three batches started turning a little sour, almost dry, flavour disappears and the carbonation / gushing goes through the roof...
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    Water per pound of grain for mash?

    I have seen some interesting numbers around how much water to add per pound of grain for the mash. I helped with a brew at a 500 litre brewery last week (test brew for a large commercial brewery), and the number was around 3.5 litres per kilogram of grain. Converted, thats around...
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    What did I brew...

    40L batch 9kg Pale Malt 0.5KG Pale Wheat 0.5KG Munich 60 Min 30g Perle 30 Mins 20 G Perle 15 mins 20g Cascade Isinglass addition 15min 5 Mins 40g Cascade S-04 pitched. 1.056 OG at 18C, Mashed at 66C for 1 hour. Boiled for 1 hour. So, what is it?
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    Cascade and Perle - Good Together?

    I want to brew an IPA, citrusy, hoppy and fresh. Problem is I only have half the required Cascade, but I have plenty of Perle. Do these two hops play nicely together? If I used the Perle for early addition as bittering, and Cascade as late, aroma and dry hopping, do you think this would...
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    Saffron Strands - What flavour?

    Hi, I am interested in a description of what you feel Saffron strands would add as a flavour to a brew? I have a Belgian Golden Strong sitting in primary, and for some reason I thought of adding Saffron to the liquour once I moved to secondary. In homebrewer language, what does Saffron...
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    Belgian Strong Golden Ale - Fermentation Schedule?

    Hi, I put down 10 gallons of Belgian Strong Golden Ale this weekend, and was interested in input about a decent fermentation schedule. I ended up with a 1.090 FG (epic efficiency), and followed a normal recipe of 90% Pilsner, 5% Munich, 5% Flaked Wheat and some homemade candi sugar. I have...
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    Barleywine - Will it last 20 years?

    Hi, I was toying with the idea of brewing up a 10 - 11% ABV Barleywine, and conditioning it for 20 years, to drink on 10 July 2031 on my sons 21st birthday. If i pick one of the high end barleywine recipes here, primary and secondary for about 3 or 4 months, does anyone think there would...
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    Mother of the Kraken Belgian Wit

    Mother of the Kraken Belgian White Brew Type: All Grain Date: 5/8/2011 Style: Witbier Brewer: Jonathan Batch Size: 25.00 L Assistant Brewer: Michelle and Gabriel (The Kraken) Boil Volume: 28.62 L Boil Time: 60 min Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.0 % Actual Efficiency: 73.2 % Aiming...
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    Hefeweizen Recipe + Danstar Munich - When to bottle / keg?

    Hi, Have a 25L batch of Hefeweizen in the fermenter, OF 1.050, FG, 1010 atm, fermentation stopped a few days ago, so its really just sitting in primary (currently 10 days from brew day). I pitched Munich yeast, fermentation was insane, and done in 3 days, it was spitting out yeast that was...
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    Hefeweizen - Decoction + Priming with Wort

    Hi, Just need some pointers, I am putting down two Hefeweizen brews back to back on Saturday, and was wondering about the decoction process. I normally just do a rest at 35C and 55C then batch sparge. Is decoction really necessary if I follow this current regime? Also, I want to bottle...
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    Witbier Infected at bottling - possible? It taste like crap.

    hi, This is my second AG Witbier batch, so i know what i am supposed ot be tasting. Basically 2 weeks primary, 1 week secondary, tasted fine all the way through, even on bottling day. I have just cracked two bottles 1 week after bottling, and both taste REALLY sour. 3 people have said...
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    My first AG. A Belgian Wit - Success!

    Here is what I made (Courtesy of two excellent threads on here around Blue Moon Clones). Not sure how many South African brewers have tried this one, we don't get any Belgian Whites down here except imported Hoegaarden. Belgian Wit Brew Type: All Grain Date: 21/02/2011 Style: Belgian White...
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    How big a pot should I buy?

    Hi Everyone, Moving from Kit (skipping Extract) to all grain BIAB. Want to get my hands on a pot (i have gas burner + bag), but not sure how big a pot I need. My FV is a plastic bin (25L - standard coopers plastic one) with airlock. How big does my pot need to be so that I can add water +...
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    Brew Kettle - Coffee Urn?

    Hi, Would if be possible to use something like this (Electric Urn) as a kettle to mash grains in ? Then, is it a good idea?
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    Which Grains can I Steep?

    Hi, First of all, hello everyone, this forum has been invaluable in the last few weeks as I set off into the wild wonder of home brewing, thanks for the great posts. Secondly, where and what I do: I am in Johannesburg, South Africa, got a Coopers Home brew kit for Christmas 2010, brewed my...