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    How to make Scoby without using kombucha as starter?

    I hope this is not a duplicate topic, but I'd like to make/grow a Scoby from scratch. I know that I need to obtain cultures, but can I get these from a source other than kombucha. I guess I kinda feel like I'm taking a shortcut by starting with someone else's kombucha!
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    Best option to raise pH, cherry wine?

    I have a 3 month old cherry wine. Using color test strips, I've measured the pH to be between 2.5 and 3! Thinking this could not be true, I purchased a second pH testing's true! What is my best option to raise my pH? I've heard a few mention potassium carbonate? On the same note...
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    Toasted Almonds in Cherry Wine?

    Last night I started a 5 gallon batch of tart cherry wine. I was considering adding toasted almonds, but didn't really know how to go about it. I was planning on toasting almond slices. Should I dump them into the carboy, or contain them in a bag? Should I over toast them to really bring...
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    Temp changes during fermentation, low temps this winter

    I picked up this hobby over the summer...started in my garage. Living in Oregon, we are starting to hit freezing temps at night (but high 60s during the day). I have decided to leave one 5 gallon carboy (waiting to clear) in the garage, hoping the temp changes at night will aid clearing. I...
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    Adding alcohol back in to raise ABV ???

    Started a new batch in a bucket, and apparently I only made about 4 gallons. After two weeks my abv was at 11%. Perfect! Here is the problem I've created: After two weeks I racked the 4 gallons into a 5 gal carboy. Keep in mind that I am new to wine making. In an effort to minimize the...
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    Can I open my fermentation bucket?

    Hi everyone! I started my first batch of wine last night (Apfelwein recipe from this site) in a fermentation bucket. I see a lot of people say things like "it's still bubbling away". Even after several hours, I don't hear or see any bubbling. Should I open the bucket to check things out, or...