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    4.99 AIH Shipping

    :mad: Anybody have any luck using this ? Didn't work for me . Ordered two cases of bottles a brew bag , fermenting bucket . Cheapest shipping was 50.00 ? Started a chat and was told 99% of what they sell qualified ? I guess it only applies to one pkg of dry yeast !!!!! lol
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    Substituting Yeast

    Have a Shiner Clone all grain kit . How would it turn out if I use Saf 04 instead of WLP029 ?
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    Yeast not refridgerated

    I ordered a couple of all grain kits with WLP029 German Ale Kolsch Yeast . Then left on vacation for two weeks . So now the package has been sitting in 75* plus temps for three weeks. The package is some what swelled . I was planning on brewing today . Should I try it ? or order some more ?
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    20.00 Palmer Kits !

    AIH has these on sale for 20.00 bucks . Has anybody tried them .
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    So a few weeks ago I ordered a MR. Brew kit with Bewitched Ale and knew right off I had the home brew bug . So I stumble around and find this awesome site and start reading the beginner's forum next thing you know I've got on the inner webs and ordered some stuff. Today the big brown truck...