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    curly cue things for dip tube????

    I saw somewhere these long curly things that you can put inside your corny keg dip tubes to help alleviate foaming in your pour. I can't find the thread, or what they are called, or where they are sold. I need to order some. If anyone can point me to them, that would be great. Thanks Dan
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    2 perlick taps and shanks needed

    Hey guys where can I get the best internet price for a couple perlick taps, with shanks..I need to put 2 taps on my refrigerator door for my kegerator..but want to get the best/lowest price on them I can find. Thanks Dan
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    blood orange mead??

    I think I came up with a nice recipe in my head I am going to try with a 1 gallon test batch. This is a Blood Orange Mead 3 1/2 pounds of Orange blossom honey 2 blood oranges squeezed, and zested 1 stick cinnamon 1 vanilla bean 1/4 tsp of Chinese 5 spice 3068 yeast mix all...
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead

    Ok, just wanted to post a new thread on who might be wanting to start up a group brew and have our results tracked here? What we'll do is gather the names of participants over the next few days...then we'll give everyone 10 days to acquire all the materials to brew this,and then all do it on...
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    WANTED: Vessel or other conical fermenter

    HI, I am looking for a used "V" Vessel or other platic conical fermenter. Must not be damaged, and should have lower drain to siphon off trub, and also a racking port. Don't want something huge..looking for something 10 gallons or less. Let me know what you have. Thanks Dan
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    Looking for radio control car???

    Guys My kid wants this radio control car he saw on tv for Christmas. I have been googling and searching and can't find that dang thing. Hoping someone here may know what the hell this thing is called. Anyway, it's 4 wheel drive, electric, and has these big oversize green wheels so if the...
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    Looking for a tattoo designer??

    Hey guys (and gals) I am wanting to get an arm band tattoo on my upper bicep. I am a HUGE minnesota Vikings fan, and would like someone to come up with a design for me that would incorporate the new font spelling of "minnesota vikings" with their logo inbetween. I have no design skills, so...
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    WTB 3 tier or single tier mash system

    Hey all...I want to start some all grain, full mash brews, and don't want to spend the time building a rig. So.....I am willing to see what you have for sale...anything from a single tier, two tier or 3 tier doesn't matter, as long is it is plumbed, piped for propane, comes with the...
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    WTB: clean beer bottles or flip tops

    I normally keg my beer, but my wife and I are traveling for the holidays and I want to bring a couple cases of my homebrew with me. Was wondering if anyone has a couple cases of clean beer bottles, or better yet, flip top grosch bottles they want to get rid of. I am in Wisconsin, so if you...
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    need a light fruit beer

    Hey all, I am a mead and hard cider brewer, but want to try a beer, as all of my relation drinks beer here. THey all like lighter, fruity beers, like sam adams cherry wheat, Leinies berryweiss, etc etc. I am looking for an extract recipe either DME or LME, i don't care which, but looking for...
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    Raspberry wheat beer??

    Does anyone have a good recipe for a good Raspberry flavored beer? I really like the Sam Adams Raspberry wheat..but it could use a bit more raspberry flavor. Any good recipes would be great. Lemme know Dan
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    mash tower DIY plans???

    Guys I am looking to build a brew "tower" 3 tier preferably. Can anyone point me to any plans, or build instructions here on HBT? detailed photos and or plan drawings would be great. THanks for any help Dan
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    WTB: two faucets and shanks

    Guys, I am looking for two decent faucets and shanks that will fit on a a regular refrigerator door or side wall, as I have my Corny kegs in the fridge, and right now I gotta open the door to use the picnic taps..I want to mount a couple faucets on the outside..but need faucets with mounting...
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    Best Blueberry mead ever!

    Guys, I just wanted to take a moment and post a recipe that I just "tasted" tonight after a number of long months waiting in anticipation. This is a Blueberry Mead(sweet) that is absolutely outstanding! It is from a member that goes by MGAYER here on HBT. I have come to know Mark via PM's and...
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    my kegging setup??

    Hi Guys several months ago I bough the "bare bones" keg kit from ($89, plus another $35 for co2 tank) Anyway...just the other day I ordered up some parts including a 2 valve manifold so I could split the c02 and have lines going to 2 corny kegs instead of just one...
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    DIY beer gun

    Guys I looked in the DIY forum, but can't seem to find a thread or photos of the DIY beer gun I have heard people mention from time to time. Could anyone point me to the thread or link where I can find info on building this beer gun? Thanks Dan
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    what will two cans of concentrate do??

    Hey guys, I made Edwort's Apfelwein..with the exception of using the 3068 yeast instead. It is now 6 weeks old and the S.G. is .998....very very dry for my tastes. This is a 5 gallon batch and I'd like to sweeten it up before I keg it. I already added 5 campden tablets, and sorbate...
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    JAOM clone..this sound right?

    Guys, I got an Orange/spice recipe off of, Basically a clone of JAOM. I am just wondering if this baby is finished? Recipe: 1 packet Fleischman's yeast 25 raisins 1 cinnamon stick 1 whole orange, sliced and peels included 1 pinch allspice 1 pinch nutmeg 3.5lbs of...
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    Is this a Braggot?

    Guys, we have a little brewery here in Wisconsin called the New Glarus brewing company. I am sure some of you have heard of it..they brew some great drink. Anyway..they just came out with one that they call an "Ale" but after tasting it and reading the ingredients...I am thinking this is...
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    quick mead screw up??????

    Ok guys..I've made a few batches of mead now to become dangerous to myself, by experimenting with different yeasts, flavorings, etc. However, with that said, I think I may have screwed this simple one up. I made a 1 gallon batch of quick mead I am tired of waiting for all my...