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    Continuing Fermentation after ? months

    Why do people ask for advice if they are simply going to ignore it.
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    What's Wrong With Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)?

    Nothing wrong with ascorbic acid.
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    whats up with AHB

    Bottom line for me....I only order on line from AHS. Nothing but good experience. Is a Texas store....that says it all for me.
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    Apfelwein going at it

    I use Montrachet....but do not have the Rhino farts....from every thing I have read I belive it has to do with using nutrient.
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    Apple Cider

    I thought the same thing....but I used thee sticks in a three gallon bach of mead and could not even taste the cinnamon.....and I really like a strong cinnamon flavor.
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    Apple Cider

    Started a 3 Gallon Batch Saturday 07-Feb-09 Three Gallons of Whole Foods Organic Apple juice...woot three new one gallon glass carboys. One can Apple juice concentrate 11gram pack of Nottingham Yeast Go-Ferm for Yeast Fermax 1.5 tsp at inoculation Fermax & Energizer at active fermentation 1tsp...
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    Mead bottle bomb possibilty

    Removing the residual CO2 from the Mead.
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    Making a sweater mead

    Yeah if you go with a greater volume of honey the d-47 will give you a sweeter mead. I did a four gallon total size batch used about 12 pounds of honey and there was plenty of residual sweetness and honey flavor left when I racked it on fruit.
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    Cider FG

    I believe he said he did not take an OG.
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    Best Beer for the Money?

    Likes the New Belgium as well....the 1554 is my fav
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    How important is it to take gravity readings?

    A wine thief works great for taking samples and you can simply spin your hydrometer in it to get your reading. Fermtech Wine Thief. :: Midwest Supplies Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies
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    What a score!

    That's sweet
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    Checked the ingredients....Cranberry's..suger
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    O.G. = ~1.124 12 lbs Clover Honey 2.5 gal Water 3 small Cinnamon stick 2 Clove Whole 1 package D-47 F.G at Rack..1.010 Total volume just shy of four Gallon Ended up getting three pounds of Craisins and three pounds of frozen blueberry's My thoughts are the 3lbs of berrys in...
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    I plan to rack my plain Mead on to either frozen Blueberry or frozen Cranberry's this weekend depending on what I can find. If I can't find frozen Cranberry's I might do Dried Cranberry's instead as I know I can get them. Any way my question is do I need to do anything to the berry's before...
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    First Mead in 10 years

    Ok checked the gravity tonight 01-05-08. SG is 1.010 at 66 degrees. I plan on splitting the batch into two 2.5 gallon jars I got of amazon once I figure a seal and air lock system. One with either frozen Raspberrys or frozen Blueberrys The other with fresh apples and Cranberrys if I can find...
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    First Mead in 10 years

    I will do that.....I am happy to report though I did not appear to have messed things up to bad......the batch is fermenting along nicely.....I hit 1/3 sugar break tonight the 28th added nutrient gave it one last vigorous stir sealed and air locked.....will see were it goes from here.
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    Started my first 3 gallons 10,436.5 + 3 = 10,439.5
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    First Mead in 10 years

    Oh well...too late now....I was thinking the yeast energizer was the same as Go_Ferm. I appear to be mistaken. but I do not think I harmed things.....the Fermentation has started so I added three teaspoons of Fermax this morning and stirred the crap out of it this morning. I will order the...
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    First Mead in 10 years

    Yeah does the Yeast Energizer get used when I rehydrate the yeast and the Fermax at end of lag and 1/3 sugar break?