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    Illuminated Switch question

    I am getting ready to order some switches for my Auber PID project and have a question. I am looking at this style Switch...
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    Arrogant Blegian???

    I am brewing an Arrogant Bastard clone today and I happen to have the yeast cake from a Belgian tipple in the fermenter. I am really tempted to try that yeast....Please talk me out of it...or into it. :mug:
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    Jay Bird's False Bottom

    I just used a Jay bird False bottom for the first time in a 15 gallon keg. I had been using a 10 gallon rubbermaid with a SS braid.. For those of you that think a a SS Braid works good, you only think that it does, Save your pennies and get a False bottom. I Fly sparge and it is 100 times...
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    Electric HLT Element placement

    I am making a new electric HLT for my HERMS. I am making it out of a 15 gallon keg. My question is on the placement of a 5500 watt element. I am thinking that I will put the element through the bottom and have the HERMS coils sit on the bottom of the keg. Is there any reason not to do it...
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    K Type Thermocouple vs RTD temperature sensor

    I am about to pull the trigger on some PID temp controllers from Auber Instraments. I can't decide on the type of temp sensors to go with K Type Thermocouple vs RTD temperature sensor. RTD is a little more expensive but not enough to really matter. Does anyone have any advice? Pros or cons of...
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    "oaked" American Pale Ale

    I just Kegged up the “Oaked” APA that I made a few weeks ago. One word…awesome. I Cut up some white Oak that I had into ½ inch cubes and toasted them up in some tin foil on the grill. I turned them then every few minutes until all sides were dark but not burned. I added 1.5 oz to the...
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    Heffe with an IPA floater

    Why is it when a stand in front of my line of taps I can't help but feel like a 6 year old at a slushy machine and can't resist the temptation to create a custom blend. I have a Heffe on tap that a lot of people like and is very "true to the Style" but something about it is just to sweet...
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    First Label...

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    how do I turn Edwort's heffe into a Belgian

    I plan on making 10 gal of Edwort's heffe and was wondering what I could do post boil to turn half of it in to more of a Belgian wheat style. I was going to us a Belgian wheat yeast, but is there something else I could add post boil/cooling of is it to late to add orange or spices. My goal...
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    Food Grade Silcone Sealant

    Does anyone have a good source for Food Grade Silcone Sealant. I see a bunch on-line, But am looking for recomandations. The walls on my rubbermaid cooler were not strong enough to get a good seal with a typical "weldless" o ring seal. Over time the became concave and have now started...
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    First Step in HERMS Conversion...Thanks Yuri and all others

    I just took the first step in upgrading to a HERMS System I added a sight glass/Temp Prob port, electric heating element, and Heat exchanger coil to my HLT. Next comes digital Temp Controllers. Sorry for the poor Picture quality Here I am just recirculating through the Coil back into the...
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    Electric HLT/Herms Rubbermaid cooler Question

    Hi Everyone. Thanks to all posts about Converting Rubbermaid Coolers to Electric Herms. I deiced to finally make the jump. Right now I am in the "Gather all the Stuff" Phase. I have a question. What did you use for hardware to attach the Quick hose disconnect to the Lid for your copper...
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    1/2 in. Liquid disconnects

    I just picked up a Mach and am pluming it. Where can I get 1/2 in. Liquid disconnects. I could not find them at HD. I assume these are different then air line disconnects. Is this something Lowes or Home Depot would have? IF so what section would have them. I could not find them in the Watts...
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    Question about brewing with Cocoa

    I brewed this Recipe about a week ago: Imperial-double-chocolate-stout It called for 1 LBS of Cocoa. I just transfered it to secondary and it still has a very chocolaty color like chocolate milk. Will the Cocoa eventually drop out of suspension? Is 1 lbs of cocoa too much? I tried some...
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    Ever see one of these

    Someone gave this to me at work today
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    I got 87% efficiency this weekend

    I have done about 15 or 16 all grain batches and was getting about 60-65% efficiency with pre-milled grain. I recently bought a Barley Crusher and was able to get 75% on the factory setting during my last 2 batches. On this last batch I narrowed the gap a bit. I didn't measure the gap but...
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    Re-using yeast cake

    I have a Serra Nevada Clone in a Secondary right now. It has been dry hopped with some Cascade 2 weeks ago. The hops were pellets added directly to the wort. The beer is ready for a keg this weekend. I am also making a Centennial Blonde this weekend and was thinking about just dumping the new...
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    Craig's list find

    I just got back from checking out 2 CO2 tanks described as "one small and one medium, 5 and 10 lbs, I think" Turned out to be a 5 and 20 lbs tank and the 5 was mostly full. I paid 30 bucks for both. The 20 LB one looks older. How can I tell if they need a hydro test or not? If they do what...
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    10 gallon batches

    Now that I have a few batches under my belt and some recipes that I know I like, I am thinking about making double batches. I currently us a 10 gallon rubbermaid cooler for a mash tun and A keggle for boiling. Could I do double batches with this set up? Is there anything else that I need to take...
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    regulator troubleshooting

    When I turn off the tank should the high pressure gauge drop down to 0 over time. This happens even when the shut off valves on all of my manifold outputs are closed. I can't find any leaks and the low pressure gauge never moves thanks