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    first batch of AG...

    Okay, so I brewed my first batch of AG yesterday, and I'm not sure how it's going to turn out as I had a pretty pieced together method... here goes... I brought 2 pots of water to a boil and turned the heat down to just under a boil. In the larger pot I added my 2-row briess pale (9.5#) into...
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    WB-06 in a wheat IPA?

    Okay, so I decided I wanted to brew a wheat ipa, and pitched the wb-06 because of what I heard about the high gravity. I used light unhopped LME and 1.5# briess wheat steeped for 18min. 1oz cascade (60min) 1oz columbus (30min) .5oz citra (15min) 1 oz dried tangerine peel (15min). I'm wondering...
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    know what I hate?

    When I start bottling and realize I forgot priming sugar. Blah!
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    Newbie Vanilla java porter

    Just racked to secondary yesterday, a vanilla java porter. This is my second real HB. 3.3# amber LME 3.3# dark LME 1# chocolate malt 1oz norther brewer (60min) 1oz willamette (30min) S-04 rehydrated 3/4cup dark roast whole bean coffee (cracked) 2 madagascar vanilla beans, split and scraped...
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    Ambitious newbie- first beer IPA recipe

    Hey all! I just bottled my first beer today and am stoked. I'm a hop head and figured I'd try something out for my first home brew. Let me know what you think. Before I bottled it, I tried it and it was wicked hoppy and seemed to have a high abv. 3.3# light malt extract 3.3# amber malt extract...