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    Spicy liquid in keg - will this permanently flavor my beer lines?

    Planning to have a party and fill up a 19L keg with spicy margaritas for a novelty for the wifes birthday, is this a terrible idea? I only ask because I have a camelbak that permanently taste like cinnamon due to being filled up with fireball a few times. No matter how much you rinse it out...
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    Another stuck fermentation thread

    So I brewed up a Pale Ale kit from Brew House which is the concentrated wort kit (comes with 15L of wort) which I then add water and top it up to be 20L. OG was 1.060 and it got stuck at like 1.023. I used a dry saffale s05 for this batch. Its been at 1.023 for like 2 weeks now without any...
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    Looking for an attractive stainless steel fridge

    After extensive lurking and reading I'm pretty sure I wanna get into the kegerator world. That said, I'll only be allowed to keep it in the kitchen if its pretty looking. Out of everything I've seen so far the Kegco kegerator setups looks the slickest by far with the digital temperature settings...
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    no signs up fermentation yet, large layer of fruit purree floating on top

    I added a bag of puree'd frozen raspberries to my primary and mixed it in with the wort and after everything was good to go sprinkled the yeast on top as per instruction. Now its 24 hours later and theres no signs of heavy fermentation bubbles yet. I'm worried that the yeast is just sitting on...