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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    For now I just based the cascade entirely on people in this thread, Omega, etc. and then columbus since it's just good hot side anyway. I would love to be able to find more info on different hops and their amount of bound thiols that might benefit from this yeast
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Brewed first time with Cosmic Punch last week, just transferred into dry hop keg today after a 52F soft crash for 36 hours. The pre-DH flavor is absolutely phenomenal right now. I made a few other process tweaks with this one as well so those are probably contributing, but this is far and away...
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    'New' Lallemand Yeasts - New England and Kolsch

    @rtstrider I'm getting the same clove-y thing I think with mine. I pitched 2 packs of Koln in 5 gallons of 1.050 OG. The lag was around 36 hours. Fermented a week at 58 then let rise naturally to 65 where I've had it for another week. It's still only down to 1.016 (mash was 2 hours at 148...
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Going to try incorporating a lot of process recommendations here for first time in my next brew - the plan is to ferment in a corny with the gas out purging my serving keg. I'm going to try hanging the dry hop in the serving keg from the start so everything stays closed. Once fermentation is...
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    Metschnikowia Reukaufii

    I never ended up doing a split batch unfortunately, keep meaning to order some more and try. I really loved the beer I made with it & LAIII but can't say what exactly it contributed
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    Ondea Pro Enzyme preliminary results

    I'm glad to hear you're getting good gelatinization at 168F for the rice, my most recent brew this past weekend I did the following, I know the rest times are longer than needed really but I've actually kind of enjoyed the long relaxed brewday after moving into GF brewing, feel like I get more...
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    Sorghum, rice syrup & oatmilk NEIPA

    That being said - the sorghum beers were still good and are a great starting point. There's some anecdotal reporting that using clarity ferm gets rid of a signature 'sorghum twang' flavor in which case that might be even better.
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    Sorghum, rice syrup & oatmilk NEIPA

    I did a couple with sorghum extract and didn't love it so I moved into doing all grain with malts from I've definitely got some really good NEIPAs, haven't tried any stouts yet, but if you check a few threads down in the GF forum here there's some good insights on...
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    Kombucha/NA beer and blood thinners(aspirin)

    Good thought on the test kit, I'll check into how those work
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    Kombucha/NA beer and blood thinners(aspirin)

    My wife has recently been put on aspirin so isn't really supposed to drink alcohol. I make a decent amount of kombucha and am also looking into making very low alc (<0.5%) beer with similar levels to kombucha. Anyone on here have insights or experience on drinking kombucha while on aspirin or...
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    Gluten Free New England IPA

    I'm trying a batch this weekend using 2 packs of the Lalbrew NE, I'll report back. Also trying out the Ondea enzyme for the first time
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    Gluten Free New England IPA

    Ah thanks for the heads up on the Ondea, I still have some sebamyl L as well maybe I'll add that with it then - I'll post my results back here and on fbook group. I've actually been quite pleased with s04 in most of my NEIPAs, the only issue being when I try to push it too quickly, so if this...
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    Gluten Free New England IPA

    Have people been using the lallemands NEIPA yeast? I bought a bunch right when GFHB got the liquid yeast so haven't used any of the lallemands yet. Getting ready to brew the following base, switching to a 2 step mash with Termamyl at 175 and then Ondea at 145- 10lb pale rice malt 3lb flaked...
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    Gluten free - help with use of enzymes and millet malt

    I would agree that you might try dropping some of that 30L and/or roasted millet in favor of just pale millet. Normally with saison you want to keep things fairly basic with the malt bill and let the yeast do it's thing. If you're wanting to use the agave nectar I'd maybe go 30% pale millet...
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    Gluten Free New England IPA

    Good to know on both of those, think I'll reduce millet base and maybe bring in flaked quinoa on next one to help retain body with the increased rice. I notice the flavor a bit but my wife (who these are primarily for) really seems to notice it on past couple GF beers since I switched to all grain
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    Gluten Free New England IPA

    Latest attempt, 5 gallons, OG 1.061, FG 1.016 10lb Pale Millet 2lb Pale Buckwheat 2lb GF Flaked Oats 1lb Goldfinch Millet 60min - 0.25oz CTZ 5min - 1oz Citra, 1oz Strata WP (180F) - 3oz Citra, 3oz Strata DH (post ferm) - 3oz Citra, 3oz Strata GFHB Propogate Hazy IPA yeast Came out really...
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Is anyone using a bit of potassium metabisulfite/campden in kegs to help with oxygen? Would be tough to do if you're pushing sanitizer out of keg and then doing a closed transfer to it, I can't do closed transfers yet so I've started adding in some crushed campden when I rack to the keg. I can...
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    Primary Vs Secondary Fermentation and when to bottle

    Agree as well to just skip secondary in almost all cases, unless you need to rack onto fruit or something like that, and I also echo letting your beer sit for 2 weeks or so. There are certainly exceptions that can be made, especially with things like Kveik (now that it's available from GFHB)...
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    Thoughts on this malt bill

    Sounds awesome!
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    Storing Unused Grains

    Uncrushed still I assume if unopened and from GFHB - in that case I've kept uncrushed barley in an airtight bin for 6+ months no problem, pretty sure it can go quite a bit longer than that. I would assume these grains are similar. If you need to open the bags you could get a few airtight bins...