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  1. Quietandsimple

    Added Harvested Nottingham to Mr. Beer

    I typically (as in always, I guess) brew big beers. OG 1.06-1.09 and use Nottingham, so I'm used to amazingly wild ferments. I saw alittle fermentation happen with the Mr Beer, but not alot. If there was any really active period, then I missed it. The only indication of any krauzen formation...
  2. Quietandsimple

    Added Harvested Nottingham to Mr. Beer

    I've had a 2 gallon batch of Mr. Beer that someone dug up from a closet quietly fermenting in a cabinet. I watched it do it's weak original fermentation thing with the supplied Mr Beer yeast, but I wasn't happy with it, so I decided to add alittle Harvested Notty to it. I wonder if it will do...
  3. Quietandsimple

    Overwhelmed newbie, trying to start decently

    Welcome to the Art! Make no mistake, you're in Brew Sorcery land, now. It'll hook you fast, and make an addict out of you in no time. Soon you'll be walking through the store buying random crap because it will connect to Y to help facilitate X in your brew setup. Case in point, I bought...
  4. Quietandsimple

    Overwhelmed newbie, trying to start decently

    I started off on an absolute shoe string budget. If I'd had $380 to set up my home brewery, this is what I honestly would have bought. 1. 4 Better Bottles, or Brewing Buckets (because you're always going to want to have at least two brews fermenting/conditioning at any time) 2. Stoppers...
  5. Quietandsimple

    Autumn Leaves

    Consider it a good omen and RDWHAHB.
  6. Quietandsimple

    Fess up! How often do you check your fermentation?

    First day, ten times at least. Second day 20 times at least. After the third day I stop being so paranoid and it goes down to about two or three times a day for a week.
  7. Quietandsimple

    What are you drinking now?

    Deschutes Brewery Obsidian Stout. Roasty, Toasty, Hoppy, Goodness. I'm on my third one. This stuff is good.
  8. Quietandsimple

    how long in primary if no secondary?

    Like everyone else here says, leave it in primary until you're ready to bottle. Don't be like me and drink your beer green. RDWHAHB! :tank:
  9. Quietandsimple

    No Name Recipe

    Thanks for sharing that. It's brew history, and we need more of it.
  10. Quietandsimple

    Meat beer is on the way

    Turkey Trappist?:mug:
  11. Quietandsimple

    Yow! OK, this is clearly infected, but it's kind of pretty at the same time.

    I'm not going to lie.......I'd drink that. But then again I started out brewing in non-airtight sterilite bins.:tank:
  12. Quietandsimple

    So I just admitted to my wife...

    Well played, sir. That was slick.
  13. Quietandsimple

    Fructose, Demerara, Candi sugar

    Thanks, Revvy, for the breakdown on that. I'm a new brewer and I'd heard that one so much I'd taken it as a maxim.
  14. Quietandsimple

    Fructose, Demerara, Candi sugar

    I've seen that the Belgians use alot of invert sugar (Candi sugar). Does this help avoid that cidery taste you get from using too much corn or table sugar?
  15. Quietandsimple

    Fructose, Demerara, Candi sugar

    In Charlie Papazian's book it says that these sugars can be used up to 10% of the total fermentables. My question is this: Has anyone here PERSONALLY BREWED a beer with 10% or more of these particular sugars. I'm not looking to supplement my malt with a cheap adjunct, I just keep seeing...
  16. Quietandsimple

    Meat beer is on the way

    DO IT! Just be sure to use a cheap fermenting container that you can dispose of afterwards. Oh, and ferment it away from everything else. There's no telling what your Frankenbeer will breed infection-wise. KEEP US ALL POSTED.
  17. Quietandsimple

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2011?

    35,364 + 5 JOMSViking (Josh's Oatmeal Stout) ________________________________ 35,369
  18. Quietandsimple

    First Brew

    Activity in 20 minutes? What type of yeast did you use?
  19. Quietandsimple

    Kalashnikov Fermenter

    Fortunately, no. Because then it would cost $26. $6 for the fermenter, and $20 for the FFL transfer.
  20. Quietandsimple

    Kalashnikov Fermenter

    Simple to operate, nice big pieces that a three year old could figure out how to put back together, easy to clean, CHEAP.....yep, it's an AK.:tank: