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  1. eljefebrewing

    Replacement O-Rings for mini regulator

    Hi all, I got a cheap mini keg from I think the mini regulator has a leak, because it eats up 16g threaded CO2 cartridges like crazy. Does anyone know where to get replacement O-Rings? I tried the Vevor support email already. They don't seem to understand. Thanks!
  2. eljefebrewing

    Tap-a-Draft Head

    Looks like this: (Assuming the link works.)
  3. eljefebrewing

    Tap-a-Draft Head

    I still use TAD for keeping kombucha on tap. Works great for that. Unfortunately, something inside the CO2 tube broke. I can't find them anywhere online. Anyone got one of the black flavor for 16g cartridges? Alternatively, can anyone suggest an alternative? I didn't want to spend a whole lot...
  4. eljefebrewing

    Fruit Vinegar?

    Hope this is the correct forum for this kind of post - it seemed like the best fit. I recently sampled a few fruit-based vinegars at a specialty oil and vinegar store. I was blown away at how fruity and delicious they were. I thought, "I've got to add this to my hobby of fermenting things!"...
  5. eljefebrewing

    Stevia and fruit flavors

    I saw this coconut rum flavored tea on Amazon, and it sounds pretty tasty. The ingredients list stevia and natural pineapple and coconut flavors...
  6. eljefebrewing

    Diaper pail smell?

    Thanks for the tip! I pulled one healthy looking firm layer from the middle and tossed the rest. We'll see how it goes!
  7. eljefebrewing

    Diaper pail smell?

    I've been doing kombucha for a while now, and it usually turns out quite well. However, sometimes it ends up with a smell that can only be described as "diaper pail". Yuck! Anyone else had this experience? Is it the scoby? Infection from some nasty strain of bacteria? Age of scoby? Mine...
  8. eljefebrewing

    Carbonation Caps + Tap-a-Draft

    William's Brewing recently started selling these Carbonation Caps that fit Tap-a-Draft bottles. Normally, you naturally carb in the bottles, unless you want to go through a bunch (I would assume) of CO2 cartridges to force carb via the tap head. I was wondering if anyone has used these carb...
  9. eljefebrewing

    Suggestions for keeping BIAB bag off bottom?

    Just thinking preventatively. My current bag is a cloth job that my mom custom sewed for me. I haven't used voile before, but had read that you should keep it off the bottom when the flame is on. I have a Bayou Classic burner. If you do it successfully, then maybe I won't worry about it...
  10. eljefebrewing

    Suggestions for keeping BIAB bag off bottom?

    My kettle is approximately 16" inner diameter at the bottom. I have done a lot of searching on Amazon, restaurant supply sites, etc. for a round rack that would keep my brew bag off the bottom of the kettle. I haven't really found anything that looks like a good solution. Anybody have...
  11. eljefebrewing

    Joe's Quick Grape Mead

    Finally got myself a batch of this stuff made up about two weeks ago. I added 1/2 tsp. of yeast nutrient when mixing. Do you think that's good? I have heard that you should stagger additions of nutrient, but I just did it at the outset. Haven't had time to mess with it since then.
  12. eljefebrewing

    Joe's Quick Grape Mead

    The sorbate and campden serve to squelch the yeasty beasties. If you add them, you won't be able to make a sparkling mead unless you force carb. If you add priming sugar after the campden and sorbate, all you're doing is backsweetening, and if you've already added the extra juice and honey...
  13. eljefebrewing

    Thick homemade yogurt?

    Cool. Thanks for the reply!
  14. eljefebrewing

    All Grain Educational DVD's?

    Order them from PayPal is how they handle payment!