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    Old yeast in a starter

    So I have been meaning to step up to using starters. I have a couple 1 gallon Big Mouth Bubblers, air locks and stoppers. Figured they would work as good as anything. I've got a brew coming up that could use a starter. I have 2 packages of yeast, WLP-028 Edinbough Ale Yeast, 1 is about a year...
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    Good low-key cooler for mobile mini-keg

    Saw this post a couple days ago, sorry I didn't reply sooner, but this is what I've got in the works for canoe trips. It's the Mash-tun I plan to use for small BIAB, so I don't have to clean my big mashtun. I get 2 uses this way. 5 Gallon Igloo Sports cooler. 2.5 Gallon Keg. Picnic Tap. 16...
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    Mystery grain bag, recipe ideas.

    Went to the homebrew store yesterday, and bought 10 pounds of Maris Otter, some EKG and a package of California Ale yeast and Edinbough Ale yeast. Going to brew 10 gallons, split and pitch seperate yeasts. Name it whatever I feel like and see the difference in the 2. 10 Pounds Maris Otter...
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    Mystery grain bag, recipe ideas.

    Looking at recipes tonight, Maybe a Baltic Porter. I have some chocolate malt and other odds and ends on hand. I've not had great success with big beers, probably a lack of patience issue more than anything. Always willing to try one, or any other ideas. I'll sleep on it tonight, going to try a...
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    Mystery grain bag, recipe ideas.

    So it's turning to winter and things are slowing down around the farm. Time to make a few batches. Went out to the garage to check my fermenting fridge, controller, clean the equipment, and take inventory of leftover grains and hops. I'm writing everything down that's in the fridge out there...