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  1. kornkob

    Beer Clings: Keg wrap--- anyone got one?

    I clicked an ad on the sidebar and fell in love with the idea of these keg wraps. Anyone got one? I can't seem to find a review anywhere.
  2. kornkob

    Made 3 batches of mead this morning.

    Made 3 batches of Mead this morning and took this picture. I noticed afterwards the HBT decal in the pic. The carboy is straight Mead, made with honey the a friend of mine harvested. One of the buckets is a gallon of Costco honey and a gallon of sweet cherry purée. The other is Costco honey...
  3. kornkob

    The things that this forum's ads cough up (Warning--- site autoloads a youtube clip at high volume) :rolleyes: Great-- the banner ad said 'No one will know you've been drinking' (except maybe the slurred speech and the limited motor coordination). Oh--- the smell! terrific-- breath mints to cover...
  4. kornkob

    Thanksgiving dregs.

    Thanksgiving at my house this year. family and one stray fed and sent along and here I am watching television and finishing off the stray champagne and wine that was opened during our feast. Yup--- I'm drunk
  5. kornkob

    Santize and seal posts on stored Kegs

    So SWMBO got a little squirrley one day when I wiped the gas and liquid posts and popped in in the kegerator. She got it in her head that the fact that the cellared kegs had nothing covering the post that there was a significant risk of ending up with some guest killing bug in the beer from the...
  6. kornkob

    Most unusual palce to brew beer ever

    I got this email from my father today. so I just got permission to make beer on the Ice, no bottling though, so it'll be a still beer...and the extract, hops and yeast has to come from NZ... am waiting for an answer from a homebrew place on what to do... john Greenland Ice Driller...
  7. kornkob

    Raven Software announces Singularity

    At least 2 people asked me at various times what I was working on at Raven and as yet I've been unable to say anything. Now that's changed. I am working on Singularity right now, although over the past 2 years I've worked on all 3 projects we have going on in house. And all I can tell...
  8. kornkob

    Convergence Convention

    One of my hobbies is the Cow Asylum. It's a party we throw 2 times a year. Once at Convergence in Minneapolis and once at Capricon in Chicago-- both general interest Sci fi coventions. Here are some assorted picks from this year (none of the ones we took got up put yet)...
  9. kornkob

    I like this article: The customer is NOT always right. Snip/ The phrase ‘The Customer is Always Right’ is the single worst philosophy that has ever been adopted by American culture. It gave an entire generation of people the green light to be as impolite...
  10. kornkob

    Paper delivery thoughts

    So I saw this article and that got me thinking about my early days as a paperboy--- getting up early, taking care of the various customers in their various ways, being frugal with materials, knowing the value of my money. I really learned a lot as a paperboy and those lessons served me well...
  11. kornkob

    "Drug bust" nets 1 pissed off Homebrewer

    Gotta love the world wide war on drugs
  12. kornkob

    WhiskeyFest Chicago?

    Anyone going to be a whiskeyfest tomorrow night?
  13. kornkob

    John Adams Mini series

    Now I'm no historian but I consider myself reasonably well read and middlin' average in my understanding of history. That being said, I am finding HBO's new mini series about John Adams and the American Revolution to be exceptionally well done. Paul Giamatti portrays a tormented man who...
  14. kornkob

    Now this looks like a real beer gadget UW Wisconsin auction.
  15. kornkob

    Rant: Alternate side parking enforcement

    A little explaination: Those of you in warm weather states or areas where alternate side parking is not done: around here we have a thing called 'alternate side parking' which means that if you park on the street between midnight and 6am-ish (varies by municipaity) you have to park on the side...
  16. kornkob

    Rock Band ROCKS!

    We got a copy of rockband at the office today and that game f-ing ROCKS. It is an absolute blast playing the full band together. Even watching is fun.
  17. kornkob

    Dem russians might be onto something.
  18. kornkob

    Ever wondered what you'd look like if you were on the Simpson's?

    This would be me---- damn close too! (site is very busy so...)
  19. kornkob

    Picture of the new Sam Adams glass I wonder what it looks like. Also I wonder if that 'nucleation site lasered into the bottom for increased hop aroma release' also 'just happens' to cause the beer to go flat faster, thus encouraging folks...
  20. kornkob

    Graduation and petty dictatorial bull

    Lately every time I read about one of these petty little diploma squabbles I can't help but wonder if you need to have been the kid everyione picked on in high school to be the principle. We did all kinds of stuff at...