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    Hops in Michigan - first year report

    Well the dry weights are in: 4oz Cascade and 4oz Fuggle. I'll take it for a first year harvest, very little attention was given to the plants. After they emerged from the ground I only watered them maybe once a week. I'm excited for next year though.
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    Hops in Michigan - first year report

    Great to see all the good hops in Michigan! I have 9 first year plants in downtown Detroit and most of them have not yielded many cones except for one of my Magnum and one of my Cascade plants. I also planted Nugget and Fuggle, but I'll just have to see if they do better next year. Cheers!
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    Making Pellets

    Hello All, I was wondering if it's possible or even useful to make hop pellets out of my hop harvest, and if so what would it take to do at home? Cheers, P