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    Civilization 5.

    Any other civ maniacs out there? I've always loved the civ games, especially 4:BTS. What are your thoughts on the latest offering? The diplomacy is hilariously random, but i LOVE the new hexes/military unit controls. I'm also a big fan of the new social policies system. Maritime city...
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    the best beer slogan ever.

    After years of searching for the best beer slogan in the world, I have finally found it... What else could you want but an IMMENSE PREMIUM BEER?
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    it's gone!!!

    so i woke up this morning, and my beloved mustachio was gone. apparently i chopped it off whilst blackout drunk last night. pros: i no longer look like a creeper. cons: i no longer look like a pirate, muskateer, or spanish bandito. i guess i'll have to go out drinking tonight to...
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    Double translations game.

    Broken english and horrible translations are hilarious. The rules are simple. Take the tagline from some product, use google to translate into a foreign language, then use google to translate this foreign language version back into english. EG: becomes... I particularly enjoy...
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    Obligatory first AG post.

    I brewed my first AG the other day, and everything went swimmingly. It's pretty much BM's centennial blonde, but tweaked a little bit, and with extra grains (I assumed poor efficiency, but was pleasantly surprised.) 9# 2 row .5# victory .5# cara vienna .5 oz centennial (9%) (60 mins)...
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    beer turns you into a 3rd grader.

    ...Several pints later, I found myself doing gradeschool arts and crafts projects to kill time during the brew. I stopped short of gluing macaroni onto the side of my MLT.
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    "Around the house" mini-mash w/o MLT

    Ahoy, I plan on switching to all grain soon, but I'd like to get a little mash experience in beforehand. Being too cheap/lazy buy and build a mini MLT a month before I build a bigger one, I think this should work. Extra goodies: -16q box cooler (modifying not an option) -Large pasta colander...
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    if yesterday was America's official birthday... today America's official hangover day? It's a tough call... January 1st has a strong case for being national hangover day.
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    Stop Right There Criminal Scum!

    You violated the law! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.
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    Ever get robbed in bed?

    Well, not anymore! I'm sure this has made the rounds before, but it's too good to pass up. Enjoy. YouTube - The New BackUp Commercial and remember... "many customers are buying one for each side of the bed!"
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    Black and Tan pairings?

    Greetings, I've decided to make my next 2 batches around the idea of homemade black and tans. The first part of this equation is pretty obvious: a stout. I'll probably make a simple dry stout. The second part of the equation is where I'm in uncharted territories. From poking around, I...
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    International Brewing Laws (China)

    Greetings, I've been trying to dig up international home-brewing laws for quite a while, but my efforts thus far have failed. To that end, does anyone know the legality of home brewing in China? Specifically Qingdao (Tsingtao) in the Shangdong province? I'm going to be spending the next year...
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    BMC Sales Figures?

    Hey guys, I'm working on an essay on the effectiveness of various types of add campaigns in selling beers. I'm going to be comparing Bud's "funny" Drinkability campaign, Miller's "OMG WE USE HOPS" campaign, and Coors "WE HAVE COOL BOTTLES" campaigns to see which was most effective at reeling...
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    Crushed Red Pepper Flakes IPA?

    Does anyone have any experience with crushed red pepper flakes in a beer? I was fiddling around with an APA recipe and got it in my head that red peppers would be delicious. I was thinking about possibly "dry hopping" this beer with red pepper flakes. From what I've read in other threads...
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    Summit Hops?

    Cheers, While playing around with an IPA recipe, I stumbled upon Summit Hops. Brewers Supply Group :: Hops :: Summit Hop Analysis Anyone have any experience with these? They're described as citrus/grapefruity, which will go well with the cascades I plan on using. Recipe as follows...
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    so i tapped a keg of apfelwein...

    ...and this morning the place was covered in human feces. ... ???
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    ever tried to explain brewing to a friend... chinese? we currently have two house guests for the week. they are teachers at a school in china, and do not speak english. they were very curious as to what i was doing all day, so i've spent the last few hours trying to explain beer-brewing... in chinese. i was so flustered by the...
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    The mystery of the half-filled fermenter

    After four weeks in primary, I went to keg my last Kolsch. I took the shirt off the bucket and noticed that about 2 gallons were missing. It appeared to have been soured (brett?) Possible explanations: 1. Beer seeped out through an imperfect spigot seal. This seemed to be the most obvious...
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    I hate bureaucrats.

    I'm applying for a temporary liquor permit in the fine city of hartford. Let's go over the list of the state's requirements to sell tickets to a party. 1. Drive 40 minutes to new haven for a background check. 2. Drive back 2 days later to pick up the piece of paper that says I'm not a...
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    IPA advice.

    Ahoy there, I've decided it's time to make an IPA. Experimentation is fun, so this is what I came up with: Malt: -8lbs Briess Ultralight LME -2lbs Crystal 15L -1lb Carared Hops: -2 oz 5.8 AA Glacier (60) -1 oz 5.6 AA Cascade (6) -1 oz 5.6 AA Cascade (5) -1 oz 5.6 AA Cascade (0) -1...