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  1. mattjgalloway

    Topping up to full volume

    I've just got a new fermenter which is 2 gallons in size. I've only had 1 gallon up until now. My boil kettle can hold around 7 litres, so ~1.5 gallons. So I can easily do a 1 gallon brew. But I'm wondering if I can top up the water at some point in the process to eek out to 2 gallons. I do...
  2. mattjgalloway

    Carboy vs bucket

    I only brew 1 gallon batches, for a few reasons. Mainly due to space constraints and the fact I like that I get to do more brew days and try more things. I'm only a few months into it and I have already done 7 brews. Anyway! I started with a Brooklyn Brewshop kit which has a glass carboy. It's...
  3. mattjgalloway

    Gravity issues

    Hey everyone. I'm having gravity issues with all of my brews. I usually overshoot the OG by a couple of points. And then the FG is overshot also by a couple of points. Now I may be able to answer my own question, but wanted to check here and see what people think. I have my volumes all set up...
  4. mattjgalloway

    Very low alcohol beer

    Hey all. I'm still a novice, only 4 brews in, so bear that in mind here! I was wondering if anyone had any tips / thoughts on how to brew a very low alcohol beer, say around 0.5%. I know BrewDog have one, Nanny State, at 0.5%. It's really sweet, so I guess it has a high FG. Is it...
  5. mattjgalloway

    Bottle bomb advice

    I'm looking for some advice. I opened a couple of my latest brew tonight and got a load of beer in my face. The bottles were gushing just like I've seen bottle bombs do on youtube. The thing is, it appears that all of this batch are like that, except the one I opened a week ago. Today is 3...
  6. mattjgalloway

    Weird results on day 1.

    I had a brew day yesterday (my 4th overall), and broke one of the key rules which will help determine why something has happened. I changed up a lot of variables! I did my first BIAB, I used Whirlfloc for the first time, and I am attempting a lower alcohol IPA. Here is the recipe I was going...
  7. mattjgalloway

    Stepping up my game: From kit to on my own.

    Hey all, I've hovered on these forums for a few weeks now, and finally taking the plunge of getting involved! Here's my story... I've been interested in brewing beer for a while now (years) but only just started. I started because someone bought me a BrewDog Punk IPA brewing kit (the...