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  1. frostyp

    Dry hopping schedule

    I’m very new to allgrain only ever done extracts so just trying to follow the recipe as I’m understanding it just the way it’s written I assumed it to be the a 21 day in the fermenter
  2. frostyp

    Dry hopping schedule

    Just started all grain brewing followed this downloaded recipe , curious about the dry hopping session is this meaning either 1: Dry hop for 14 days then add second hops for a further 7 days , so 21 days in total? Or 2: Dry hop for 14 days and when there is 7 days left add second hops ? Thankyou.
  3. frostyp

    Wanting to start all grain

    Is it best to maybe acquire a blichmann float ball type rinser for mash tun keeping a constant amount above the grain and letting it trickle through the whole grain rather than sprinkling over Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  4. frostyp

    Wanting to start all grain

    Ok thanks - lot to learn eh Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  5. frostyp

    Wanting to start all grain

    Mainly wanting to know why you just can't mash the grains with as much liquid as you can fit in tun then rinse to pre boil volume , why is the ratio important if you're rinsing out the sugars anyway Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  6. frostyp

    Wanting to start all grain

    Okay thanks Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  7. frostyp

    Wanting to start all grain

    Been extract brewing a couple of years now wanting to get into all grain next year. Acquiring equipment Question is when mashing grain in mash tun why does it have to be a a measured amount when more is going to be poured on to rinse ? Can the grain in the tun not just be completely immersed in...
  8. frostyp

    My first keezer!

    That's fantastic , I would trade HWMBO for that , well done stunning build
  9. frostyp

    Confusing yeast instructions

    Boil a couple of cups of water. Measure out 10ml per gram of yeast, allow water to cool to 35•c , sprinkle yeast onto top cover with sanitised foil, after 15 minutes gently stir in. After 30 in total cool down further if required to same temperature of your wort ( avoids thermal shock)...
  10. frostyp

    Malto Dextrin , use of?

    What benefits does it give ? Any downsides to using it ? Is there a recommendation or average quantity to use ? I've never used I believe more mouth feel and head retention , is the difference that noticeable?
  11. frostyp

    Starting 1st brew tomorrow - Questions

    1.6ml to 1 litre of water , I won't answer in gallons US and UK gallon amounts differ
  12. frostyp

    Which Type Of Mash Tun

    Seen quite a lot of cooler type mash tuns on forums etc , Now looking around and seeing stainless steel types also usually surrounded with Bubble foil wrap. Simply is one better than the other? Does either have an advantage over the other? Does the steel type retain heat as well as the cooler...
  13. frostyp

    Wort temperature concern

    I ferment in buckets with stick on temperature reading LCD gauges , if as I am led to believe that the fermenting temperature could be quite a few degrees higher in the centre , what or how is the best way of obtaining the reading so I constantly know what's going on in there?
  14. frostyp

    If you had a time machine, what what you tell your beginner brew-self?

    Purchase auto siphon , use starsan instead of constantly making up powder sanitisers , making sure the kids have eaten before they are in and out of the kitchen constantly disturbing my beer making
  15. frostyp

    New to Star San

    Thanks all, for some reason buying car battery top up water is considerably cheaper than buying branded distilled water, god knows why. But thanks all for clarifying its the same stuff, have ordered ph strips also , should save me a bundle of money and rinsing and rinsing again the normal PBW...
  16. frostyp

    New to Star San

    Just acquired starsan here in the UK, am I okay to use distilled water designed for car battery top ups , I'm assuming its the same.
  17. frostyp

    New brewer

    Bubbles mean nothing only reliable method is to use a hydrometer , let it go two weeks , two readings a day apart that are identical means its done, patience.
  18. frostyp

    Yeast washing Too Long In Fridge??

    So in the photo only the light (middle section ) is the good stuff to keep is that correct?
  19. frostyp

    Yeast washing Too Long In Fridge??

    With it being a brew kit, no additional hops etc , is it just that I'm seeing just more yeast possibly at the bottom and not definite trub which you would see in say an all grain brew, was an awful lot there at the bottom of heavy sediment is there going to be yeast in there also?
  20. frostyp

    Yeast washing Too Long In Fridge??

    Attempting yesterday to do first yeast wash This was an extract kit by the way, Did initially see three layers almost in the jar have left overnight and now appears only to be two, I'm assuming the good yeast has also now dropped to the bottom, can I rescue by bringing up to room temp and...