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    Minnesota March 809HS-PL Pump

    Pump = Sold I have a brand new March 809HS-PL Pump with wire leads. Bought it at Christmas on sale and never got my stand put together. Since it's been 10 months, it's hard to return. Yours for a bargain! Asking $120 shipped, but open to offers. :mug:
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    Minnesota Malolactic Bacteria

    Used for wine, but didn't know if there was a separate forum for that. $6 per packet, shipped. Expiration 2014. I found an online deal for bulk and couldn't pass it up. I've set enough aside for my own usage, but got about 10-15 extra packs still. My cost is your cost...
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    FS: Northern Brewer Gift Card

    I have a $100 NB gift card for sale. It was a gift I received before I started working for another local homebrew shop. $90 and it's yours. Free shipping since it'll cost a stamp. :ban:
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    Vintner's Harvest Wine Base

    Anyone play with this in their beers? I got a couple cans tossed in on a craigslist deal and don't make wine. But I was thinking I could toss it into a wheat or some generally lighter recipe after a couple days of primary. But here are my list of questions: -Do these things expire? And if...
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    Keg Weld Patching

    I've read through a couple of postings here, but there's an overwhelming amount that I'm not sure is useful... so here's my question/problem: I took my kegs to a welder who had some serious issues with the welding of kegs which had thin stainless steel. After "fixing" one or two pinholes...
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    NPT not threading/screwing in...

    I am putting some all grain equipment together and recently bought a slew of fittings from . I had the bulkheads welded on to my kegs and was ridiculously excited to put it all together. But when screwing in the nipples and etc into the bulkheads, I get only a thread or two...
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    WTB: Ball Lock Disconnect

    I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who has too many ball lock gas or liquid disconnects and wants to sell them? Prerably those with swivel nuts (Insert joke here). I need 3 of each type. Let me know if you have any and how much you want for them. Thanks in advance!!! :D
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    FS: 5 Gallon Glass Carboys - Twin Cities, MN

    Up for grabs: 5 gallon glass carboys (qty:2), clean, no chips. Local Minneapolis/Twin Cities only at this point as shipping can be a b*tch on GLASS. $25 each. :mug:
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    Chinese SS Ball Valve Quality

    I'm putting together my AG setup and was looking to cut costs and yet stay with stainless steel. I found some SS 1/2" ball valves on ebay from China for pretty cheap. Now the first thing I always think of when I see stuff from China for cheap is "am I getting what I pay for?" So I throw this...
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    MWS: Pin-lock Keg Sale

    I'm just posting this up in case others are interested. I am in no way affiliated with the store, website, blah blah blah.... If my fridge could fit more than 4, I'd pick up extra. :mug: $32/ pinlock keg
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    WTB: Keggle fittings

    Thought I'd check here first before I pull the trigger on buying new... I'm looking for fittings for converting two sanke's into welded HLT and BKs, and a cooler into a mashtun. So I'd need the following: bulkheads 1/2" ball valves, 1 weldless kit, barbs, nipples silicone...
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    Midwestsupplies Discount

    I just saw this and thought it reasonable to post... I'm not affiliated, but hopefully it will help someone out a little. We were voted "Best Home Brewing Supplies" shop in the CITYPAGES' Best Of The Twin Cities 2012 issue! To show our deepest appreciation for this great honor we are...
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    WTB: Keg conversion fittings

    Shot in the dark here, but what the hell... why not. Maybe someone out there went a different direction while building their own keggles, or maybe bought some stuff in bulk and wants to help an aspiring all-grain brewer out... I'm converting two kegs for a HLT and BK and need some of the...
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    Burner Questions

    I'm polling the experts here... I'm looking at buying a cheap burner and came across this: They say "Low...
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    Fix Cracked Cooler MT

    So, I'm a total idiot. I bought a 10g round HD Cooler from someone on craigslist. He apparently had a weldless thermometer on it, but patched it up for family picnic usage after he stepped up to a larger MT. What I saw was that it had a nice clean hole (on the outside) and figured I could use...
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    Wanted: Old BYO Mags and subscription

    If anyone still has a Buy One, Get One subscription to BYO, I'd be interested in splitting it with you. Also, if anyone out there has older issues you want to get rid of, let me know. I'll gladly pay for shipping!' Cheers!:mug:
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    WTB 3 or 4 way CO2 Dsitributor

    I saw someone else do a posting and felt it was worth throwing another request for the same type of item... I'm in need of a CO2 manifold/distributor. If you have a 3 way or a 4 way that you wouldn't mind upgrading or getting rid of, let me know what you'd like for it! Cheers! :mug:
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    FS: Blichman bling

    Not mine and no pics, but thought I'd post it out there for those interested... :tank:
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    WTB: BYO & 250 Clone Recipes

    Anyone have a copy that they're done with and looking to pass on? I'll pay for shipping. And on that note... anyone have a BOGO subscription still valid that I can pounce on? :mug:
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    FS: 100qt Wheeled Coleman Cooler... for MT duh.

    Coleman 100qt Wheeled Xtreme Cooler $11 for a 100qt cooler w/ free pickup. Thought I'd post this for anyone who wanted to build a really large MT. Frankly, at this size you're likely doing 20-25g batches and have better equipment, but who knows... maybe not. And yeah this may be...