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  1. ashbyp

    Brewpubs in Manhattan

    Hello from London, UK. I will be in NYC for a few days next week and would like to visit a brewpub, the kind of thing I see discussed on here quite often. Any recommendations for brewpubs in Manhattan itself? Cheers!
  2. ashbyp

    Bottling apfelwein

    Hi - Can you bottle carbonated apfelwein in normally corked wine bottles? Ie: not champagne bottles? Or will the pressure force the cork out? Cheers!
  3. ashbyp

    Just some observations about green beer

    I tasted my first brew (John Palmers pale ale) after two weeks in primary, when I was bottling. Tasted OK, lacked body but the bitterness was there and I could taste the hops. You wouldn't want to drink too much though. A week after bottling I tried it again - it's got some fizz, not huge...
  4. ashbyp

    Starter that didn't start

    I made a starter from a smack-pack bavarian yeast yesterday. 1 litre of water boiled with 100g of LME. Pitched at around 18 degrees C, and temp has been around that through the night. 18 hours later and nothing has happened. No krausen, no bubbling of the airlock... I can see a layer of...
  5. ashbyp

    No racking cane

    I am going to bottle my first batch tonight, but my racking cane has not yet arrived from mail order, so I just have a length of tubing to rack into my bottling bucket. Is this a problem? is it hard to rack without a racking cane?
  6. ashbyp

    Bottle Sanitizing

    About to bottle my first batch. To sanitize everything on brew day I used Bruclens , filled up a 25L bucket, chucked everything in for 20mins, took stuff out as and when I needed it and gave it a very good rinse. I could do something similar with the bottles, caps, etc. But I am wondering...
  7. ashbyp

    Question on isinglas

    When is the best time to add isinglas before bottling, or is it even wise? I've read some stuff on the site but it's not too clear. I am thinking that I could either add it too the primary once fermenting is done, or to the bottling bucket... Cheers!
  8. ashbyp

    Questions about pasteurization

    I am just wondering, why do commercial brewers pasteurize their beer, how do they do it - and why to do people in the homebrew/real ale worlds object to it so much?
  9. ashbyp

    Priming sugar

    Most of the books recommend priming with cane sugar. I have a bag of brewers sugar that I picked up from the LHBS - I was just grabbing stuff I thought might be useful, I didn't realise at the time that most recipes don't require sugar. Anyway, simple question, is it OK to prime with brewers...
  10. ashbyp

    Sanitizing PET bottles

    Anyone tried sanitizing PET bottles in the dishwasher? Would they distort (or melt?)
  11. ashbyp

    How much is a gallon

    When you guys talk about 5 gallon batches, is the gallon you are referring to a US gallon, or an Imperial gallon? 5 US Gallons = 18.95 litres 5 Imperial Gallons = 22.7 litres Cheers!
  12. ashbyp

    how effective are heat belts.

    Hi - My garden shed here in London is around 45F at the moment. Are heatbelts good enough to be able to bring a plastic fermenting bucket up to a suitable fermenting temperature from 45F ? Thanks for any advice.
  13. ashbyp

    No airlock with my starter kit

    Hi - Have just bought a starter kit from - to get me going. They sent their own instructions with how to make up the first batch using a Pilsner Kit. They have supplied the fermenting bucket, but no airlock. The instructions say that I should leave the fermenting bucket...
  14. ashbyp

    Home brewing courses in the South East

    Hi - Does anyone know of any firms that run home brewing courses in the South of England? I've just been googling but I was surprised to find none. I want to start home brewing and thought that would be a good way to start, rather than randomly choosing a starter kit. However, if I can't...